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Retreats To UNLEASH Your Greatness

Get answers to your most burning questions for your coaching business and create a rapid plan of action. During these 3 day Unleashed Retreats you will experience a heightened awareness of your greatness and the power of your potential in an environment designed to prepare you for your biggest impact imaginable.

The Ultimate Money Spot Retreat
Imagine having 3 full days of pampering, self awareness, growth and relaxation all designed to catapult your impact and create the highest level of success in your coaching business.

Sometimes slowing down and connecting with the inner allows a cascade of miracles and momentum to flow into your life and business. 

Business from the inside out. 

After several requests I have designed the experience of a lifetime for conscious entrepreneurs who long to make a bigger impact. I call it your Money Spot. But it is so much more than money.

Let me explain…

Present With Influence 
Discover how to present to your audience with influence and authority while making an impact. Show them how they can change their life. In this value packed mastermind retreat you will learn how to craft a talk that resonates with your audience and has them want to learn more from you. From a 10 minute laser talk to a 1 hour, 3 hour or multiple day event, she will show you how to create an experience with the audience that is magical, transformational and unforgettable. 

In this “get it done” workshop you will map out the components of your presentation, design an experience for your audience and book your talks by the end of the retreat. The group will support you with their knowledge, expertise, and experience as Patti guides you to discover exactly what works for you. You will create and practice in this small group setting that will transform your ability to convey your message, grow your coaching business and change lives.


Master Your Inner Game
You are committed to helping people transform. You have the power to elicit change and you use it. You’re a natural coach. Other people ask for your help. Yet, your coaching business isn’t where you want it to be.

The smallest shift in mindset creates massive change. When you master your inner game your ability to create high level results is amplified beyond your imagination.

As a coach, entrepreneurs and change maker your mindset is your most valuable asset. Learning how to master your inner game is key to not only growing your coaching business, but creating the impact and change in the world you are destined to make.

The four steps to a winning inner game are:

1) Identify Your High Impact Success Patterns 
2) Design Your Environments To Magnetize Your Results
3) Map Out Your BIGGER Than Possible Action Plan
4) Implement Right Action With Ease

It sounds simple enough, right? It is, as long as you dare to take action (and of course you do) and use these powerful tools that give you the keys to master your mindset. You will outperform even your own highest expectations and make the BIG impact you desire.

You will receive live coaching and hot seat sessions that will bring you clarity and show you the inner values that define your results. 


Resonate: The Key To Massive Success
Do you know that you can create massive change through resonance? In nature it’s called harmonic resonance. It’s that sense that everything is as it should be. When you align with your true purpose and dare to reach for the impossible, the world responds. The key is to understand your value. 

This SPECIAL mastermind retreat for coaches will flesh out the message you bring to the world and give you the strategy to implement your 6 figure plan of action.

The four keys are:

1) Identify Your Core Values And How They Drive Your Actions
2) Design Your Message To Pierce Through The Noise And Reach Your Audience
3) Discover Your Enneagram Personality Style For The Highest Level Of Effectiveness
4) Recognize Your Purpose And Align Your Business For Optimal Impact

Uncover the self awareness you need in order to master your message and reach the people who are waiting for your influence.

You will receive live coaching and hot seat sessions that will bring you clarity, define your strategy and provide you with new resources and connections for fast results.

Unleashed Retreats


Online Programs To IMPACT More People

Are your ready to dive in right now? We want you to create the freedom lifestyle are meant to live, so we help you move from one-one coaching and consulting to one-many. Our flagship virtual program will show you how to create, produce and sell your coaching programs online.

What Is “The Online Biz” Club?

A community of purpose driven entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, speakers, authors, and experts who want to grow your business online. You want to know how to do it, step-by-step.You’ll learn how to create your signature system from your expertise, build your online product that sells, and create sales funnels to pull clients to you, rather than you chasing them.

Who Is “The Online Biz” Club For?

The Online Biz Club is a quick start for you if your are just starting out in your business, or you are ready to create leverage and move from 1-1 coaching and service delivery to 1-many. Its the foundation for your business and ideal if you to want to prepare for one of Patti’s advanced coaching programs.These programs are the starting place you need, if you want to take a stand, get highly visible, create your products & programs, unleash your purpose and profit big!

What Topics Do We Cover?


Our Virtual Training will give you everything that you need to create, launch and sell your online coaching program. We will show you exactly how to:

  • Create a consistent flow of ideal clients
  • Build a marketing funnel that does the heavy lifting for you 24/7
  • Launch your coaching program online
  • Reach more people and work less hours

    The Online Biz Club

Live Events To CATAPULT Your Vision

Imagine an experience full of powerful change makers who are committed to sharing their message online and on stage to make a BIG impact. A community of people supporting, encouraging and collaborating with one another to be the very best they can be.

This is your invitation to be real, take a stand and change lives.

You will join a group of purpose driven entrepreneurs in the most gorgeous Pacific Northwest location to master your message and create your movement. You will learn from our line up of purpose driven speakers who will pull out your gold and show you how to share your message through speaking, online and on stage.


Unleashed Live


We kick off the event with experiences that will reveal your desires and value so you can create a business that aligns with your life, fills your heart and soul, makes you some serious income, all while making an impact.

dayoneAlign With The Life You Are Meant To Live

What are you truly up to in your life and business? Join Patti for a eye opening deep dive into you, that will reveal your life purpose based on Numerology and how it is manifesting through your business. She will show you how your purpose is connected to your deepest core values and uncover the unique value you have in  the marketplace. Next she will reveal how using your specific Enneagram personality style can be leveraged to lean on yoru stregths so you easily sell and deliver your products and services.

The Power Of Visioning 

Get crystal clear on what your dream life and business looks like so you can laser focus and easily manifest everything you want. This visioning experience will clear the clutter in your mind and give you a visual picture of your future. You will leave this session with your vision board in hand to remind you of who you really are and how your talent can easily manifest a multi-6 or even 7 figure business.

Starlight Celebration

We will gather for an outdoor ceremony overlooking the beautiful Columbia River for an intention setting party like none other. This experience is designed to release limitations and set new intentions in place.

Get Fired Up!

Together we will let go of any limitations and create space for your new intentions. We will bless them and send them off to be created with this powerful fire circle. Let’s just say this is one hot experience!

Feel The Beat Of The Drum

Bring your drum, rattle or use one of ours during this powerful drumming circle experience to call in the new intentions you have set for yourself and our business.


With an increased self awareness of who you are and a full speaking toolkit to get you out in front of the room or camera.

The Magic Of Your Message 

Let’s create a message that will rally people to join your movement. When your message comes from the truth of who you are it resonates with the perfect clients. Together we will craft a message that has people feel the value that you bring to their problem.

The Power Of Decisiveness 

You’ve likey heard it said that success is a decision. But learning how to make decisions in alignment with your true talents can be tricky. In order to get booked as a speaker you need clarity and confidence. This session will give you the steps to ask for the gig and get yourself booked.

The Art Of Speaking Your Story

Now that we have your message created it’s time to design your story. Your story holds the key to transformation for other people, but how much do you share? How vulnerable should you be? During this experience you will uncover your story, and have the opportunity to share it. This experience will open up your heart and soul and create a connection with your audience unlike any other.




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