Do you feel like you have incredible value to share in the world, but  finding the people who need you is hard?

Are you sometimes overwhelmed with all the ideas you have and the ways you can serve people?

Do you find yourself recreating your offers in hope that this one will be the one that people want?

Do you undercharge in hopes that maybe people will hire you?

I understand. Because I’ve been there. It was hard. And I was confused. I have a BIG purpose and I knew I was meant to serve, yet I just wasn’t sure how to get my message out.

Until I gave up, and decided to do it my way.

I decided to stop following gurus and tune in to my own inner knowing. And in spite of the fear I had of being judged, of being full of myself, I just let it out.

And the freedom I felt gave me power and confidence to keep right on going.

To stand for what I believe, to share my truth unapologetically.

Something clicked.

People started coming to me.

Clients asked to work with me.

I found myself in a place of truth. A place I had longed to be for as long as I can remember. All the conformity was gone, replaced by me, the real me, standing up for entrepreneurs who, like me, have a BIG message.

 Once you unleash your truth, you’ll feel like you are on top of the world and your business will grow. Faster than ever.

In this live 90 Day Intensive, I will show you how to claim your truth, take a stand, share your message and generate revenue from what truly matters.

It’s time to UNLEASH.

My intention with this program is to wake you up, show you your goal and align you with a mind blowing level of abundance.

You are more than ready to be seen, become an influencer, make an impact and reach your next level of income.

 You have a deep desire to help people and you are committed to sharing your message.

 You are already online and know it’s time to build out a large audience / following on social media.

You are done playing small and feel now is the time for your greatness to be seen.

 You are excited just reading about the program and feel you must unleash your message now. No more waiting.

Your clients exist now. They are looking for you.

Until you stand out in front of them they cannot find you.

Unleash Your Revenue will help you release your story about being seen.

We will dig deep into your REAL message, from your heart and soul and create a stand out brand that only you can own.

My business, The Entrepreneur Unleashed has grown every year since we launched in 2004.

I grow I teach what I have learned. I share what works and what doesn’t.

Your clients want you, where you are now, not in 6 months or a year.

Right now.

They can’t find you if you are not visible.

They cant fall in love with your message, know what you stand for and buy from you if you aren’t in front of them.

When you share your truth, from your heart, being you, people will notice.

They will remember you.


  • 90 Days Of Income Producing Action Supported By Weekly Live Mentoring Calls.

  • 3 Full Length BONUS Programs All Carefully Designed To Take You By The Hand And Apply The Years Of Experience I Have In Growing A Million Dollar Business, So You Can Put It To Work In Your Business And Make Money NOW!

Are you ready to up level your results?

Do you want to focus for 90 days and triple your income before the end of the 2018?

If so, you are not going to BELIEVE what I have in store for you.

I’m putting together a small elite group of driven entrepreneurs who will receive:

Twice weekly support.

Daily accountability.

High level trainings.

That until now have only been shared with my Highest level VIP clients.

This program works!

And Im opening it up in a brand new way. You will receive over 26 sessions with me, in 90 days to keep you SELLING.

Because selling is what trips people up.

Not when you are in Unleash Your Revenue!

You WILL Break Through Your Upper Limits, Decide What To Offer, Learn How To Sell EASILY and IN ALIGNMENT With Who You Are And Make Money Every Single Day.

Unleash Your Revenue!!!

You already have a successful business and you are selling your services. Now you need to know what to do to grow into the next level income the creates your empire. We kick off the program with a 1-1 private Strategy Call to get clear about your offer, price and plan.

What to expect:

  • Clarity about your long term business vision. What you really want to create and how you want  you life and business to be.

  • You focused MONEY strategy to create consistent income from the programs you MOST want to sell so you can do what you love.

  • Online Marketing. We will map out your social media presence so that you are creating a buzz, growing a loyal audience and up-leveling your income.


  • Learn how to create your social media platform.

  • Generate immediate cash flow.

  • Create your ideal client sales process with a simple 2-3 step process that feels great and closes sales.


BECOME the person you were born to be. And let the world know as you create your IDEAL life and business.

What to expect:

  • Change your habits.

  • Remove limitations and beliefs that hold you back.

  • Recognize your fears, doubts, and where you sabotage, then learn how to move through and take action in spite of them.


  • You will show every day and get more done than ever before in both your life and your business.

  • You will feel aligned, on fire, on purpose and energetic because your are doing what you are meant to do.

  • You will be INSPIRED to take action and feel more productive that ever.


Work With Me For 90 Days To Burst Through Your Upper Limits With Money and Create A KICKASS MONEY MINDSET, Learn What To Offer And How To Sell OUT Your Program Easily While Having FUN And Bringing CASH Into Your Business Every Single Day To The You rTo Multiple 6 Figures OR More Doig What  You Love.

What to expect:

  • Twice Weekly Training and Support. Weekly Hot Seat Sessions and Accountability.

  • Done for you templates and step-by-step handouts.

  • My eye on your business ever day for 90 days.


  • Make money every day.

  • Stand out in the market like no other.

  • You offerings, programs and sale processes.

  • And so much more!


Presentations That Sell

  • Discover how to present to your audience with confidence and authority while making an offer for your program that is irresistible.

  • Learn how to engage with your audience, so people want to learn more from you and seamlessly make an offer that your audience is writing for.

  • Discover the CEO Method of enrollment and why it consistently works to convert 100% of the room.

Program Resources:

  • The 8 Components of A Presentation That Sells

  • The CEO Method Of Enrollment

Bonus Program 2:

The Message Lab Intensive

During this livestream, you will discover how to create powerful messaging that solves a problem in the market that your clients are hungry to pay for. You will learn how to take a stand for your value so your ideal clients can find you with “pull marketing” rather than pushy sales tactics.

Certainty sells and this livestream will assure you are clear and certain, so you can create connection and sign up new clients.

  • Identify exactly what you need to do to quickly and easily align your services with a problem in the market that people are hungry to solve.

  • Discover what your greatest strength is and learn how to determine your value in the market.

  • Learn 3 super easy ways to understand exactly “WHO” your ideal clients are, what they long for and how to effectively reach them so you are seen by as many prospective clients as possible.

  • Master “pull” marketing by confidently stating the problem you solve and attracting clients to you, rather than chasing them.

How To Claim Your Ticket

This is super simple.

8 people per group only.

2 people can opt for a VIP Upgrade and receive up to twelve 1-1 sessions with me.

That is in addition to all the above mentioned bonuses.

Here’s the bottom line:

  • 26 elite group sessions with me

  • VIP access in the group to Patti for daily conversations.

  • 50% credit of you choose to continue coaching 1-1 in Patti’s Private Inner Circle

  • 3 exclusive programs previously only available to Patti’s Private Clients.

  • Two Bonus Trainings

  • Monthly Payment Plan Available.

Click the button below to claim your spot.

  • Get over your money stories that keeps you stuck in sabatoge and hiding your gold. Create a new PLAN to receiving EXACTLY the amount of money you want. And implement it!

  • Reset your patterns that create your MONEY RELATIONSHIP to a HIGHER level of Revenue.

  • Replace Your habits and routines that keep you stuck and spinning in fear and confusion and REMOVE the resistance that shows up as confusion and getting ready to get ready and get you into FLOW and EASE with your money.

  • Use the processes that I use to get RAPID RESULTS and stay in the high vibe of abundance.

  • Learn how to CREATE Programs and Offers That SELL and deliver them in a way that has your clients get REAL results and become raving FANS.

  • LAUNCH LIKE A PRO! How to generate an INFUSION OF CASH with out paying for advertising to generate high ticket sales.

  • ELIMINATE the belief that you don’t DESERVE to sell, or selling is bad of whatever BELIEF you have about not deserving to MAKE MONEY NOW.

  • Create NEW PATTERNS that tell your mind you are WEALTHY, RICH and SUCCESSFUL and begin living in those patterns right away.

  • You’ve reached a stalled point in your business and you KNOW you can BE MORE.

  • You create a massive breakthrough THEN retreat to the safety of struggling.

  • You know you have a block but you don’t know WHAT TO DO to move though it.

  • You’ve tried energy work, meditations, healings and yet, there it is that same old PATTERN keeping you small.

  • You are uncomfortable allowing your self to DREAM of having what you want and making the money you want EVEN THOUGH YOU KNOW you are here to change the world. You have a MESSAGE to share, but day after day, month after month, year after year, your RESULTS are the same.

  • Your programs and packages are amazing but NO ONE SEEMS TO NOTICE.

  • You feel like sales is a sleazy part of business and you would rather JUST GET CLIENTS but this marketing thing is messing with you.

  • You don’t ask for sales. Every single day.

  • You are sitting back and letting your fear create your life instead of STEPPNG UP and OWNING your POWER.

  • Part of you can’t even BELIEVE this struggle is still happening after everything you have done.

  • You are finally READY to get on with it and BE the WEALTHY HAPPY person you know you are meant to BE.

  • You heart longs to FEEL the JOY of EXPRESSING WHO YOU ARE and BEING the CREATOR you truly are.

  • You want MONEY to come to you every day in exchange for the INCREDIBLE VALUE you provide.

  • You are DONE playing small. You are DONE wasting time. You are DONE following the crowd.

This intensive is open for enrollment because I not willing to stand by and see one more LEADER playing small, not doing the things that MAKE YOU WEALTHY and SERVE THE WORLD, not sharing your GOLD, instead believing its HARD or it’s just not meant to be for you.

UNLEASH YOUR REVENUE is going to CALL you OUT and SHINE A LIGHT on the places you have been HIDING.

And holding back.

This program will give you the PRACTICAL ACTION STEPS and the DAILY work to move you into YOUR TRUE WEALTH.

I’ll be with you every day. For 90 days. Sharing the routines, processes, habits, actions, templates, strategies, systems EVERYTHING I have created to make money doing EXACTLY and onluy WHAT I LOVE and what I am here to do.

What Will Your Results Be?

  • Get over your money BLOCKS and release your limiting beliefs, pattens and resistance that sabatoges you.

  • Create OFFERS THAT SELL and then SELL THEM.

  • Learn to LOVE selling with simple yet effective strategies that WORK.

  • Put CASH in your BANK ACCOUNT every single day.

  • Breakthrough your income limits and double or triple your REVENUE within the first week.

Do you want more 1-1 time with me?

I’m with you every step of the way! If you want more 1-1 time to burst through your blocks and make the money you want add private coaching sessions with me, each week by becoming a VIP!

I’m a VIP!


  • “I just closed my biggest client ever at $45,000!”

  • “I filled my membership site with 40 new members which adds $30,000 in RECURRING monthly revenue!”

  • “I filled my first group in 5 DAYS!”

How does this happen? I will call out your limiattions and where you are holding back so you can clear the block and SELL YOUR STUFF! I also give you the strategy, but bottom line, if your head is not in the game no amount of STARTEGY will work.

I hear from people every day who are shocked by the shift that happens in their business when they DO THE MINDSET WORK.

I will show you where you are HOLDING BACK and show you how to BE in ALIGNMENT so that money FLOWS to you.

If it’s not flowing now. I will show you how to change that.

Ill give you access to my TEMPLATES,

And I will CHALLENGE you to show up and take ACTION every single day.

Are you Ready?

Click the button below and let’s get started now!

Do you want more 1-1 time with me?

I’m with you every step of the way! If you want more 1-1 time to burst through your blocks and make the money you want add private coaching sessions each week by becoming a VIP!

I’m a VIP!