Ep #7: Reprogramming your Mental Code with Toby Alexander

By April 1, 2014Podcast


Toby Alexander believes in helping entrepreneurs reach their full potential.

In today’s episode you’ll discover how Toby transitioned from being a corporate consultant into a bonafide coach, speaker and author. Toby is an expert in a variety of fields including energy medicine, emotional strategy and peak strategy for optimal performance. He has committed himself to putting his methods of helping people connect to their full potential self into practice.

Toby believes in aligning people’s skills and talents with their soul’s purpose. If you are seeking alignment, you have to listen to this powerful and transformative discussion.

Take Away’s:
  • The obstacles that Toby faced on his path to accepting these philosophies. 
  • How to add or remove the mental programs that will help you succeed. 
  • The power of Ekagrata, and remaining focused on being successful with one thing at a time. 
  • The best advice that Toby has ever received. 
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  • Use tools like GoToWebinar, Skype and InfusionSoft to help connect to people and spread your message.
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