Ep #14: Awakening Others to Possibility and Opportunity with Adam Urbanski

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adamurbanskiAdam Urbanski is a marketing strategist and mentor who works with coaches, consultants, and service professionals. Adam came to the U.S. in the late 80s, unable to speak English and broke, to follow his entrepreneurial dreams. After years of hard work and passionate mentoring, he now calls himself the “Grandaddy of Marketing Online.”


Adam came to the U.S. as a polish immigrant carrying only $194 in his pocket. What he did possess in abundance was a passion for sharing information with others and a hunger for more, which led him into the world of business.

While running a successful restaurant business, Adam realized that his favorite part was communicating with others and teaching them how to become more successful. This revelation inspired Adam to create his consulting business.


After selling his multi-million dollar restaurant business to become a consultant (at the age of twenty-nine), Adam quickly ascertained that he did not fit the typical image of his profession. At that time, competent consultants were expected to have grey hair and wear three-piece suits.

In order to overcome this obstacle, Adam hired a sales coach to teach him the skills that would ultimately set him apart. It was only when he adopted the sales psychology and confidence to ask for big bucks that Adam started seeing massive results.


Adam’s passion is to continue his vision of awakening people to possibility and opportunity through building a highly successful business and turning it into  an educational empire.


Be smart enough to ask questions… and then shut up and listen.

If you want to be successful in business, find a need and fill it. But if you want to be filthy rich, create a market and control it. In order to achieve the highest level, you have to build, and actively grow, a following.

It is important to remember that there is always someone out there that is hungrier, has a bigger vision, and is more attuned to the new technologies than you. If you are not asking yourself the question, “How do I disrupt the industry?,” rest assured that they are and they’ll put you out of business sooner or later.

Even though it may sound counterintuitive to how he was brought up, Adam swears by the words once spoken to him: “The less you do, the more you make.” Realize your zone of genius and focus on that – let other people help you with everything else.

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If Adam could go back in time and change anything, he would most definitely fail faster in order to get used to the negative emotions and continue improving his business.

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