Ep #15: Mobile Marketing with Greg Hickman of Mobile Mixed

By May 16, 2014Podcast

greghickmanToday, we welcome to the show Greg Hickman, the creator and host of Mobile Mixed, a mobile marketing and consulting business. During his career as a marketing specialist, Greg worked with smaller agencies, as well as big brands like Pepsi and Wal-Mart. He also tried his luck with a consulting company, which eventually turned into a software business that did not see much success.  Later, he started Mobile Mixed show that evolved into a successful business.


Coming from a mobile marketing background, Greg did not know exactly how to launch his online business. That is when he discovered blogs and shows like Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income and Internet Business Mastery that help people get started with and run their online businesses. After starting Mobile Mixed, his success grew exponentially.


As many online entrepreneurs do, Greg struggled to find time to do interviews and to work on his business while working long hours at his daytime job. Greg had to make countless sacrifices in order to keep his business going. Even his relationship with his fiancée suffered during that time.

Luckily, Greg’s employer saw value in what Greg was doing with Mobile Mixed and so he was able to allow for some flexibility in his work schedule as business started picking up.


Today, Greg is very excited about building up additional revenue streams through consulting and running a mobile marketing related membership community.


Taking the entrepreneurial leap always comes with some risk. Each of us needs to figure out what we can do to manage that risk as best as possible.

Entrepreneurs, and/or great leaders, need to find comfort in uncomfortable situations because that’s where the breakthroughs happen.  When you start feeling that discomfort, push through it. It should be your beacon. Also, have faith that it is all going to work out.

Remember, if someone else is doing it, great! That means it can be done. And if no one else is doing it, you can be the first.

Entrepreneurs Resource:
  • If you are running an online business, a virtual assistant will make your life and business much easier.
  • FollowUp.cc is an amazing tool for email management, setting reminders, re-sending email and keeping your inbox clean
  • Asana.com is a great, free project management tool for your virtual team. 
  • You can connect a number of different web apps for free with Zapier.com
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Looking Back: 

Looking back, Greg wishes he would have taken his own advice, which is: “Don’t let other people’s definition of success become your definition of success.” He strongly believes that everyone should figure out how they measure their own success and stick to that measure.

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