AYS - Weekly Training - Patti Keating

AYS – Weekly Training

** LIVE TRAINING: “5 Amazing Stand Out Branding Tips” ***

Let’s talk about your brand and what it says about you.

Your clients are searching for you. They are online looking for solutions.

In this free 30 minute training I will show you how to tap in to your core message and pull people to you by letting them know what you stand for, what problem you solve, basically how you can help them.

We’ll talk about fonts, colors, logos and the typical things you think about when branding, then we will go so much deeper. Because all of those things don’t matter if one important ingredient is missing.

You’ll learn how to strategically attract those ideal clients with your powerful brand!

Grab your clients attention with powerful social media posts, stand out opt-in pages, authentic emails, sales pages that convert, and blogs that show off your true gold.

Join me tomorrow right here!




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