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The Ideal Life Formula

Is it really possible to live your ideal life?


After years of studying universal law, quantum physics and business development I have noticed what I call the ideal life formula. So in theory, when you master the steps and use all the ingredients, whollah. You have the keys to your dreams and the ability to create your life however you desire.

But does it REALLY work? You tell me… here are two of the most popular.

1. The Law Of Polarity. Light cannot exist without darkness, hot cannot exist without cold. Everything comes in full quantums.

2. The Law of Relativity. This law teaches us that everything exists in relationship to everything else. The meaning we give situations is unique to us and our experience in the moment. Imagine that you have been outside in the snow without gloves. You come inside and run your hands under “cold” water. The water might feel warm because in relationship to the temperature of your hands it is!

Your awareness of these laws can help you change your perspective and give up your self imposed limitations, old patterns, negative thoughts and the mind chatter conversations that keep you attached to a certain level of success.

Here is the formula for your ideal life.

1. Learn To Be “The Observer.”

Becoming the observer of yourself requires you to take a metaview perspective of you life. It is as if you can see yourself from the comfortable seat of an airplane and you simply notice what you are doing, without attachment.

2. Ask yourself these questions.

What are you most fearful about?

What do you not want people to know about you?

What stops you from moving forward?

Where do you give up?

3. Identify The Attachment.

Ask yourself what it means about you if the thing you most fear happened? Let’s say you discover you are worried about time. If I commit to this I won’t have time, might be your story. This indicates that you have a belief that there is a lack of time. You actually have an attachment to time and are fearful about your choices because you believe there is not enough.

4. Create Abundance. 

Whatever you have identified as your attachment is your greatest opportunity for growth. Release this attachment for a quantum leap in  your business.

Challenge yourself to see that there is more than enough of what you are attached to. In the time example, you would see time everywhere. “There is so much time today I’m not sure how I will use it all.” Give up your dependence on a clock. Stop measuring each moment. Turn off your alarm clock. Go to bed when you are tired and get up when you are rested.

Eat when you are hungry.

Work when you are engaged in your work.

Stop forcing yourself to fit into a model that has created an attachment for you. 

Whatever your attachment is, use the law of relativity to see it from a different perspective. A perspective of abundance.

Practice these 4 steps and tune into the super laws of the universe to create YOUR ideal life!

Have you ever noticed how some people can create success out of anything? Yet other people, talented and skilled, struggle just to get by… It’s their MINDSET. Master Your Mindset… Master Your Money.

What if you’ve been offering your services and no one is buying?  

I get that. When I first started out, there were so many things I did wrong!

But it doesn’t have to be that way forever. There is a Step-By-Step process that I call the “Mindset Makeover” process that I’ve been using myself and with my VIP clients to not only shift their mindset, gain confidence and clarity, and quickly reach their goals!!



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