Patti Keating is is the online marketing and mindset mentor for the new wave of purpose driven entrepreneurs. Her #1 podcast “The Entrepreneur Unleashed” and her “Unleashed” Programs provide a fresh and fun blueprint to design an outrageously amazing life and business that makes a big impact in the world.

She helps spirited entrepreneurs create the life and business they love by providing inspiration and practical business advice, based in spiritual principles, through her social media presence, online programs and free content.

Providing resources to design a business based on who you are, wherever you are, that serves in making an impact is Patti’s true passion.


Patti is an award winning speaker, podcaster and life long entrepreneur who helps purpose driven entrepreneurs create the transformations and impact they are meant to make.

Join us if you are ready to be real and let the world see you EXACTLY as you are right here, right now, and to take a stand for what you believe in, and to hold the bar high for yourself and those you touch, because that is what CHANGES lives. The lives of your clients, your community and of course your own life.

Join us in this group of high vibe entrepreneurs and unleash your brilliance, accelerate your business growth, make a big impact in the lives of others and create all the money you desire.