You Have A Powerful Message That Changes Lives

But sometimes fear and doubt hold you back.

I’m going to help you get crystal clear on your big why, craft your message, and design your signature system, together we will create a stand out brand. Your confidence will sky rocket as you gain the skills to create an online message that will dazzle your audience and turn them into raving fans, ready to buy your online program.

It’s Your Time The World Is Waiting!

This course is more than creating your online presence and program, it is a totally mindset shift as well because when you become so crystal clear about your message and movement, you become completely confident about what you are meant to share!

Imagine being seen as the go-to expert in your area of expertise, creating a massive following of raving fans, selling out your coaching programs and making a huge difference in the lives of thousands.

It happens when you courageously share your true message, take a stand, show up for the people who need you, and let the world hear your voice.   

You Are About To Share The Message Only You Can Share.

Because you are meant to serve a BIG purpose.

This is the moment you step out from behind the curtain and become the go-to expert. It’s that magical moment when you say no to fear, yes to courage and take bold action. 

Imagine how different your life will be when your are paid top dollar for delivering your true talent. Imagine your delight when people tell you there life is forever changed because of your work.

You are about to gain life-changing clarity about your inherent skills and strengths, and the clarity about the unique problem you solve. You’re about to uncover the critical “how to” steps to stay connected to your vision, and fuel your greatest power. 

Find Your Money Spot does this, and so much more! 

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Here’s everything You Get


Your story and your big why are the foundation of your brand, in Module One we will dive deep into who you are, to discover your story is and how that story creates a passionate message that will resonate with your audience. I will show you how to communicate your message in a way that inspires others and changes lives.

Once we identify your deep why and create your message  we will make sure your brand looks and feels in alignment with you and your market. From fonts to colors to headers, order forms and social media account. We will make everything look and feel like you so your market recognizes you whereever they find you.


You don’t have to have a fancy website to sell your program, but you do need a sales page that converts. I’ll show you how to put together your website easily and inexpensively. 

Together we will design your free opt in, set up your email sequence, 

We will cover how to write compelling copy, opt in pages that converts, what to do and not to do when promoting your pages on facebook, and how to make your photos and graphic eye catching and professional. 

From the free offer, to the opt in page, thank you page and sales page, you will create the beautifully branded sales funnel you need to start selling right away.


This week using my special 7 step process we will design the modules and the content for your online program. We start with he problem you solve and the way you solve it. I will help you identify each step and show you exactly how to deliver it. You ‘ll learn the behind the scenes tools to create and deliver your program. We will cover the techie stuff so you can sell an deliver your program again and again.

We will create the content of each module, set up your membership site, create and schedule the email series to keep your clients engaged, and show you how to use facebook groups for a value-packed experience for your clients.

I will be with you each step of the way to answer those lingering techie questions and assist with your modules.

This will be a powerful step in creating your program that you can use again and again. You’ll discover how to repurpose your content into one day workshops, VIP Days, multi-day events and more.  


During this module I will share a creative way to put together your signature system and how you can use it in multiple ways.

This module will show you how to present to your audience with confidence and expertise while making an offer for your product or service that is irresistible. Learn how to craft a talk that has people line up to work with you and how to deliver it anywhere, with ease. From a 10 minute laser talk to a 1 hour, 3 hour or full day event, you will easily deliver your talk so that people want to work with you.

At the end of this module you will have everything you need to create a presentation that sells, a video training series, a tele summit or an interview/podcast. You’ll be able to use your signature system in a 20 minute talk, a 60 minute talk or webinar, a 1-day workshop, or a 3 day event.

This process will see your time and energy so you can focus on delivering your message.

You’ll have the opportunity to share your presentation in our private forum so you can practice and get feedback from your peers. 


Facebook is the hottest way to promote and sell your online program,  I will show you how to create your facebook ads, who to target, what to say and how to track your results so that you are always making money from your ads. 

You will learn how to create a facebook group that connects with and engages your audience so you can get your message in front of raving fans who want to buy your program.

Learn how to create compelling graphics to post on your business page and groups.

I’ll show you the shortcuts I use to schedule your post in advance and how to identify the correct time to post for the highest level of engagement. 

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It’s Your Time To Shine 

Find Your Money Spot is for purpose driven entrepreneurs who…

greencheckmark want one-on-one support and feedback on your Online Program (you’ll receive my individual feedback through our private Facebook group.  I check your program personally and guide you with specific coaching to get your hot program done and sold. 

greencheckmark can’t wait to leverage your unique skills, talents and gifts to change the lives of thousands.  .

greencheckmark are ready to learn first hand tips on how to develop an online presence in a way that is engaging, promotes connection and will have your audience become your raving fans who are excited to buy your program and tell other people about you.

greencheckmark want to take bold action and develop the clarity, confidence and courage to share your message while growing your list and adding more clients and cash to your biz.

greencheckmark can’t wait to get over your fears in order to share your story and your “be real”, message. This is all part of the course; we will move through all those crazy fears and lingering doubts that are keeping you stuck and definitely help you turn your fear  into fuel, so you get totally clear about your message and have the courage to share it with anyone. 

greencheckmarkready to be real and let the world know your true story and experience who you are. It can be scary to be seen and share your story but we will tackle those fears  that keep you stuck and turn them into fuel so you can do the work you know you are meant to do.

Are you ready? Fasten your seat belt… because your business is about to take off.

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Start Today and Get These 5 Additional Bonuses

16 Group Coaching Sessions

I am so excited to help you create your success. Each week, I will hold open office hours so you can get time on the virtual HOT SEAT. I will also host Facebook Live sessions weekly so you can ask me anything. 

With me next to you as your Mentor, you’ll NEVER be alone in this program.
VALUE $2495.00


2 Tickets To UNLEASHED LIVE 3 Day Event



You will be immersed in an workshop style environment of accelerated learning including Hot Seat Coaching to help you clarify your entire brand and create a plan for new content, blog posts, programs and your message. You’ll be crystal clear on every aspect of your business. You’ll learn how to be authentically you in your message, as well as how to create amazing content that supports your core message.

VALUE $2995.00

The Ultimate Life & Biz Virtual Planning Sessions

There is power in planning. You will get a step by step process for identifying three main business goals and together we will chunk them into step-by-step actions to assure you are clear about what to do and when to do it.

This program includes planning your launches, programs, social media, blogs and projects, so you know what to do and when to do it.

VALUE $497.00



6 Months Membership in The Online Biz Club

You’ll receive access to the exclusive Online Biz Club, program for purpose driven entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, speakers, authors, and experts who are growing their business online.

Monthly trainings include messaging, compelling offers, speaking to sell and much more. You’ll enjoy monthly question collaboration and coaching virtual meetings to get answers and resources for your questions.

You’ll learn the latest tools on Messaging, Monetizing and Mindset, step-by-step with a complete library of videos, audios, and templates that show you how to create your signature system from your expertise, build your online product that sells, and create sales funnels to pull clients to you.

VALUE $750.00

Private Members Only Facebook Group

You’ll receive lifetime access to our private Facebook group only for members of The Money Spot! You’ll have 24/7 access to me and the other members for fast feedback on any questions or challenges you have in your business as you grow.

VALUE $500.00





Total Value of These Additional Bonuses:

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Or 12 Payments Of JUST $97

greencheckmark Find Your Money Spot Online Biz Building Program
(Value $1,997.00)


greencheckmark The UNLEASHED LIVE 3 Day Event
(Value $2,995.00)


greencheckmark Guest Ticket to The Money Spot LIVE 3 Day Intensive
(Value $2,995.00)


 Pgreencheckmarkersonal Group Coaching Package
(Value $2,495.00)


greencheckmark The Ultimate Life and Business Virtual Planning Program
(Value $497.00)


greencheckmark The Online Biz Club 6 Month Membership
(Value $750.00)


     TOTAL VALUE = $11,729.00

Join me in the “Find Your Money Spot” Program… participate FULLYguarantee
in the online program, as well as the live, 3-day event.

Implement the systems and processes I teach … and if you don’t earn
your tuition back, simply let me know and I’ll process a full refund of
your tuition… for up to ONE FULL YEAR after you register!

Special Bonus: Your Ticket To UNLEASHED LIVE 3 Day EVENT 


We kick off your first day setting the foundation of your business.You will receive personal assessment tools that will amplify your vision and empower you to become your greatest, most authentic  self, so you feel powerful and committed to attract your IDEAL clients and transform their lives.


Discover EXACTLY what to do to make the changes you need to make right now, so that you can generate the money you want. Understand the old patterns that are keeping you stuck at your current level of income, then design new patterns to support you in reaching your new level of income.



You will get all the tools to identify the unique problem YOU solve and become the powerful leader that your ideal clients want to learn from. Discover how to create powerful messaging that solves a problem in the market so your ideal clients can find you with “pull marketing” rather than pushy sales tactics. Then put it all together in your own program that can be delivered online and off. Learn how to automate your program so you can create true freedom through leverage. This workshop style day will help you create your entire program and delivery system from A-Z.



Learn the simple strategy to easily fill your practice and programs with IDEAL clients, even if you don’t  have a big list. We will teach you how to qualify and target the people you want in your programs and filter out the people you don’t want so that you only talk to the people who are perfect for your programs.


From speaking to webinars to events. Your business growth depends on you getting out and being seen. We will cover seven important strategies to keep your business on track and growing.


You can live the life you want! 

With a deep understanding of your unique strengths, matched up with a specific problem you solve in the market place, you will help hundreds, even thousands of people.

I’ve coached thousands of entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and make millions of dollars using the exact process I teach in this program. I will show you how to align with your purpose, take a stand for your value and attract IDEAL clients who will happily pay you.

The world is waiting for you to be real, take a stand and change lives.

Let me show you the path to a purpose driven business and life.

I hope you choose to join me and your heart centered peers in this program. I promise it will change your life forever.

Believing in YOU!




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