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I’m opening enrollment in my UNLEASH YOUR REVENUE, a 90 Day Online LIVE INTENSIVE. Burst Through Your Upper Limits With Money and Create A KICKASS MONEY MINDSET, Learn What To Offer And How To Sell OUT Your Program Easily While Having FUN And Bringing CASH Into Your Business Every Single Day. 

Business from the inside out. 

After several requests I have designed the experience of a lifetime for conscious entrepreneurs who long to make a bigger impact.

Here’s What You Will Do: …

The UNLEASHED Mastermind


Are your ready to dive in right now? We want you to create the freedom lifestyle are meant to live, so we help you move from one-one coaching and consulting to one-many. Our flagship virtual program will show you how to create, produce and sell your coaching programs online.

What Is “The Unleashed Mastermind?

A community of purpose driven entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, speakers, authors, and experts who want to grow your business online. You want to know how to do it, step-by-step.You’ll learn how to create your signature system from your expertise, build your online product that sells, and create sales funnels to pull clients to you, rather than you chasing them.

Who Is “The Unleashed Mastermind For?

The Unleashed Mastermind is a quick start for you if your are just starting out in your business, or you are ready to create leverage and move from 1-1 coaching and service delivery to 1-many. Its the foundation for your business and ideal if you to want to prepare for one of Patti’s advanced coaching programs.These programs are the starting place you need, if you want to take a stand, get highly visible, create your products & programs, unleash your purpose and profit big!

What Topics Do We Cover?

4Ms Our Virtual Training will give you everything that you need to create, launch and sell your online coaching program. We will show you exactly how to:

  • Create a consistent flow of ideal clients
  • Build a marketing funnel that does the heavy lifting for you 24/7
  • Launch your coaching program online
  • Reach more people and work less hours



Join a COMMUNITY of entrepreneurs to grow your business simply being YOU! 


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