Patti is a favorite speaker among entrepreneurs, small business owners, and self-employed professionals ready to hit 6-figures, or take their 6-figure income to the next level. A highly sought after Professional Entrepreneurs Mentor and Breakthrough Coach, Patti Keating is the go to person when you’re ready to break through the barriers holding you back, and finally achieve the personal and entrepreneurial success you’ve always wanted.

She has created money, mindset and business breakthroughs for thousands of people, creating millions of dollars. A compassionate, caring personal & business growth specialist, Patti will transform your life AND bank account so that you can live the life you imagined. On a mission to support global transformation Patti lives her teachings, and shares from her heart.

An inspiring, credible and dynamic presenter, Patti will challenge your audience to think differently. She’ll give your audience actionable take-aways, help them say “Yes!” to their vision, and feel great about their accomplishments in both business and life. Patti is here to help you make your next event both inspiring and unforgettable. 

What People Are Saying!

“PASSIONATE” “Patti is a passionate and dynamic Speaker. Her inspirational message challenges us to see things in a new way. An empowered way! Taking us from our vision, purpose and unique skill sets, Patti equips us to connect with our BIG vision, while giving us actions for our next goal.”

“PRACTICAL” “Once we saw our big picture, we got busy with our plan. Patti was able to both help us quickly identify our goals and action steps as well as make an impact on each individual’s business growth.”

“INSIGHTFUL” “Patti has an insightful and empowering coaching style that leaves participants empowered for success in a way that’s very customized to their personality, values and strengths. I highly recommend Patti!”

Most Popular Keynotes

FIND YOUR MONEY SPOT: Where Purpose and Passion Become Revenue Streams

What creates massive results for some people while others just get by? What will fuel big wins for you in 2013?Does working harder really pay off? Discover the secret that companies like Apple, Zoomba and Zappos use daily to create rapid results, that most people will never know.

In this presentation you will learn:
How to identify your message
How to monetize your message with clients
It’s 60 minutes of content rich, action oriented learning that you can apply right away

“Patti’s live Money Spot coaching hot seats shake up the room, and leave audiences wowed!”

During this talk, Patti will talk about the rapid growth of purpose driven entrepreneurs and how monetizing your message with back end products and delivering them online can quickly create 6 & 7 figure businesses.

In this presentation you will learn:

How To Find Your Platform
Create Your Offer So It Sells
Create Your Sales Funnel And Fill It With Leads
Leverage Your Products For Rapid Growth

Tired of wondering where your next client will come from? Are you fighting the constant battle to keep your pipeline full?
Patti reveals her C.E.O. method of enrollment, and shows you how to keep your small business full of raving clients.

Do you believe the economy (or another outside force) is determining your level of success?
Patti shares eye-opening and sometimes shocking facts that fly in the face of these common beliefs. She’ll show you how you can create all of the clients and income you ever wanted, regardless of the inevitable challenges and roadblocks that came your way.

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