The World Is Waiting

You have a purpose that you long to fulfill. You aren’t sure how but you know you are here for a BIG reason. You are about to discover how to make it happen.

What if you could reach the people who need your unique gifts, all across the world?

What if your business grew rapidly while you serve only clients you love, when you want to serve them?

What if you made the impact you are meant to make, AND have the freedom you know you and all people deserve?

You found the right community. A community committed to creating a change in these amazing times. People who value the world and the difference you are here to make. 

You Can Express Your TRUE Gifts!

Many coaches think they have to work harder and longer to create the business and lifestyle they dream about. But the reality is that you can short cut the time and effort when you align with your true purpose andheighten your keen sense of awareness.

Hi, I’m Patti Keating and I am on a mission to transform the world through entrepreneurship. I exist to provide solutions and innovation for passionate, purpose driven coaches, healers, change agents, visionary leaders, whatever you call yourself if you are up to creating change in the world.

Too much of our talented resources (thats you) are hiding and trying to “figure it out” all alone. At UNLEASHED LIVE, you’ll create and innovate your business alongside like-minded passionate, purpose driven entrepreneurs.

I’m the creator of The Money Spot Program, a 25 module home learning system for change agents who are ready to turn their truth into an impactful program and business so you can make the big impact in the world and your life tha tyou are meant to make.arrowc  And now we are bringing it all to you. LIVE.

You Are About To Discover How To Bring Your Dream Business To Life.

Do you ever feel frustrated, fatigued, or overwhelmed with your current work? Or maybe you have tried multiple projects with little success, and the entire time felt like it was forced. Yet you have a nagging feeling you are meant to serve a greater purpose.

You are in good company. Some of the most successful and innovative people have also been where you are – and that’s when they chose to ACT. They invest in finding the sweet spot that led them to massive success. And your opportunity to do just that, is now.

Just imagine how different your life would look with a flow of money that gives you the freedom, self expression and flexibility you’ve always craved. Life-changing clarity about your inherent skills and strengths, and the unique problems you solve. The critical “how to” steps to stay connected to yourself, your vision, and your greatest power. The sure-fire strategies to bring your wisdom to hundreds if not thousands of clients!

UNLEASHED LIVE does this, and so much more! 

And it’s not just about making money, is it? You’re looking to make a BIG IMPACT in the world… by serving people! Check out what these coaches have to say about working with Patti…arrow

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Here’s everything You Get


We kick off your first day designing your powerful marketing message. We will drill down to discover the core messaging that will give your brand a pop and help you stand out in the market and resonate with your IDEAL clients.

Step One: The Money Spot Philosophy
Learn how to create your business messaging based on your greatest and most natural strengths. Together we will uncover your gold and communicate the very foundation of your work for a business brand you love. 

Step Two: Leverage Your Core Values
We mine your gold and illuminate your core values to identify your true market value.

Step Three: Understand Your Purpose
“What is the lesson you came here to learn and what is it that you are here to teach?” Bringing your life purpose into your marketing creates a magnetic message that resonates with your ideal clients.

Step Four: Embrace Your Personality Strengths
Discover how your personality style positions you in the market and helps you leverage your value.

Step Five: The Gold Of Your Experience
Your experience holds the secret to your gifts and gives us the final clue to your Magnetic Money Spot Message.



You will get all the tools to identify the unique problem YOU solve and become the leader that your ideal clients want to learn from. 

Step One: The Problem You Solve
Learn how to choose a topic that will sell and set your pricing so that you can attract the perfect clients.

Step Two: Craft Your Signature System
Map out your unique process that you take your clients through. with the step-by-step system that you will use in your programs, events, with clients and in VIP days.

Step Three: Your Coaching Program
Learn how to create your own coaching program, price your program to bring in the right clients and put technology in place to record and deliver your coaching program seamlessly.

Step Four: Your Irresistible Offer
Crafting a compelling offer is more of an art than a science. This session will teach you the finesse of making offers that are truly irresistible.

Step Five: Generate Leads
Your program is ready and you are about to make your offer. Now it’s time to learn how to find the people who will say yes to your services. This session will teach you how to quickly generate qualified leads who are hungry for  your services.


Discover EXACTLY what to do to make the changes you need to make right now, so that you can generate the money you want doing exactly what you love. Understand the old patterns and beliefs that are keeping you stuck at your current level of income, then design new patterns to support you in reaching your new level of income.

Step One: Create Success Patterns To Propel You Forward
Habits become patterns that create your physical results. You will learn exactly what core patterns must be in place to create and sustain the business you want.

Step Two: Design Environments For Success
Human beings ALWAYS adapt to their environments and simultaneously our environments reflect back to us, who we are on the inside. Learn to design the 9 environments of you so they pull you forward to your desired future.

Step Three: Design Your Future
Understand exactly how to create your dream business using environmental design. Clearly create your vision and mission for the future, so you can get there fast!  

Step Four: Create Your Action Plan
Discover the RAPID action planning method based on your behavior and psychology so you get rapid results with the least amount of effort.


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It Works if you Work It

UNLEASHED LIVE is for purpose driven entrepreneurs who…

greencheckmark want to fill your practice with clients and create and sell program and products. .

greencheckmark can’t wait to learn how to leverage your unique skills, talents and gifts to be seen by thousands.  .

greencheckmark are ready to reclaim your time and scale your business form a 1-1 model to a leveraged 1- many model to add an additional 6+ figures to your business.  .

greencheckmark have decided once and for all to create the business and life of your dreams and you are ready to show up, learn, implement and grow. . 

greencheckmark crave a community of entrepreneurs who will believe in you and hold you accountable to do the work you love AND make the money you desire.

Are you ready? Fasten your seat belt… because your business is about to take off.

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Register Today and Get These 5 Additional Bonuses

Personal Group Coaching Session

I am committed to your success. So, I’ll speak with you personally during a LIVE group coaching session. I’ll cover any and all questions about UNLEASHED, in addition to giving you clarity on ANY of the topics you have questions about.

With me next to you as your Mentor, you’ll NEVER be alone in this program. Unleashing your expertise will be a breeze. 

VALUE $495.00


Full Access TO  THE MONEY SPOT Home Learning System


Immediate access to  home learning system will give you the FAST START you need! 

You will be receive all 5 modules with 25 trainings so you can clarify exactly what you need to do to get rapid results. You will learn to design your programs and I’ll show you the most effective ways to deliver your content so you can get clients.

Immersing yourself in learning and growing will jump start the breakthroughs you need and the business you love.

VALUE $1997.00

The Coaching Biz Incubator Virtual Planning Sessions

There is power in planning. You will get a step by step process for identifying three main goals and together we will chunk them into step-by-step actions to assure you are clear about what to do and when to do it.

This programs includes fun and health goals, because what good is a successful business if your life isn’t amazing?

VALUE $497.00



6 Months Membership in The Online Biz Club

You’ll receive access to the exclusive Online Biz Club, a community of purpose driven entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, speakers, authors, and experts who want to grow your business online.

You’ll learn how to do it, step-by-step with a complete library of videos, audios, and templates that show you how to create your signature system from your expertise, build your online product that sells, and create sales funnels to pull clients to you, rather than you chasing them.

VALUE $750.00

Private Members Only Facebook Group

You’ll receive lifetime access to our private Facebook group only for members of The Money Spot! You’ll have 24/7 access to me and the other members for fast feedback on any questions or challenges you have in your business as you grow.

VALUE $500.00





Total Value of These Additional Bonuses:

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 The Money Spot LIVE 3 Day Intensive
(Value $2,995.00)


greencheckmark Guest Ticket to The Money Spot LIVE 3 Day Intensive
(Value $2,995.00)


 greencheckmarkFind Your Money Spot 25 Module Home Learning Program
(Value $1,997.00)


 Pgreencheckmarkersonal Group Coaching Package
(Value $495.00)


greencheckmark The Ultimate Life and Business Virtual Planning Program
(Value $497.00)


greencheckmark The Online Biz Club 6 Month Membership
(Value $750.00)


     TOTAL VALUE = $9,729.00

Join me in the “Find Your Money Spot” Program… participate FULLYguarantee
in the online program, as well as the live, 3-day event.

Implement the systems and processes I teach … and if you don’t earn
your tuition back, simply let me know and I’ll process a full refund of
your tuition… for up to ONE FULL YEAR after you register!

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You can live the life you want! 

With a deep understanding of your unique strengths, matched up with a specific problem you solve in the market place, you will help hundreds, even thousands of people.

I’ve coached thousands of entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and make millions of dollars using the exact process I teach in this program. I will show you how to align with your purpose, take a stand for your value and attract IDEAL clients who will happily pay you.

The world is waiting for you to be real, take a stand and change lives.

Let me show you the path to a purpose driven business and life.

I hope you choose to join me and your heart centered peers in this program. I promise it will change your life forever.

Believing in YOU!




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