Focus on the outcome you want with these 10 tips!

1. Decide What You Want. Then go after it with 100% commitment. Doubt will slow you down. Eliminate it.

2. Be Specific and Write It Down. Clarity is king. Be crystal clear about your path, yet flexible as you move toward your target.

3. Talk It Up. Monitor your self talk and expect more than you are going for, rather than less.

4. Ask For Help. Let supportive people know about your goals and allow them to help you get what you want.

5. Be Bold. Renegades rule. Innovation is in and authenticity is the best marketing you can use.

6. Choose Your Attitude. Make it positive and proactive.

7. Believe In Yourself. See yourself reaching your goals. Write about the success you have achieved, as if it is already done.

8. Expect Extraordinary. You get what you expect. Raise the thermometer.

9. Create income producing habits. Get in the habit of focusing your energy on income production. Forgo Facebook and email for prospecting calls and follow-up.

10. Make It About Your Mission. Set goals that are tied to your long range mission and the legacy you want to leave. This will keep you going if challenge strikes.