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By February 21, 2014 November 22nd, 2018 Podcast
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My new show launches today! And it is LIVE on iTunes. Listen here and subscribe for free.

Entrepreneurs are creating a new breed of business success by making their own rules taking a stand for their purpose, leading through integrity and making money by changing lives. Join me each week for compelling messages that will inspire and empower you to unleash your true purpose.

There’s a shift happening in business. Entrepreneurs are creating win/win experiences instead of just trying to make a buck. They are serving a bigger calling – their purpose. And they are creating transformations across the globe. I will share the how to’s to help you monetize your purpose and interview purpose driven entrepreneurs who are successfully making a BIG difference.

We will explore:

  • How they knew what they were here to do.
  • What obstacles they overcame as they pursued their vision.
  • How taking a stand for their purpose influenced their communities, their families and their children.
  • And how you can do the same!

The Entrepreneur Unleashed Show is about being real, taking a stand and changing lives. You are going to love the stories, the inspiration and the tips and tools to help you unleash your purpose. Start listening now and please tell other entrepreneurs about the show.
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  • Hi Patti. I just listened to your Introductory podcast episode on iTunes. I can’t wait to hear more.

    You wanted to know what “purpose” is and how you can help my stand out in the marketplace. Thank you for the generousness of the show (and the iPad Mini giveaway, that’s really cool!)

    The Purpose of my business is to teach the everyday American how to avoid the pitfalls of personal finance and to learn how to achieve debt freedom. Our culture is inundated with messages about getting the best interest rate on a credit card or “maximizing your credit score”. I think this is all a huge distraction when we should be focused on what really matters – taking care of our families and building wealth, not credit.

    How can you help me stand out in the marketplace? I imagine my answer would be similar to yours: More exposure to more people and a bit of social proof that comes from being recommended by others.

    The real question: I have seen many businesses and entrepreneurs being promoted and/or recommended by others when they have never really had a relationship other than a networking group or membership site. It’s kind of like the fake Amazon reviews, they muddy the waters for a prospect. If someone was looking for the best then how could they identify a helpful review/feedback/recommendation from the trash?

    I’d love to hear your thoughts.

    • pattikeating says:

      Hey Steve! There are plenty of ways to stand out and be seen. I believe establishing a platform based on the core of who you are and what you believe is the easiest way to gain visibility. As far as recommendations nothing beats getting real results for your clients. Others will wonder how they did it and they will rave about you!

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