The Foundational Pillars of Success with Kevin Nations

By March 20, 2014 November 20th, 2018 Podcast
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kevinnationsKevin Nation’s true passion is simplicity.

In today’s episode you’ll see how Kevin dropped a job paying over six figures per month, to build himself an independent income.  After building this, he discovered he had built himself back into a job essentially so he simplified his business and began working into his current business model of advocating simplicity and the law of attraction.

Kevin’s focus has shifted towards serving without expectation of anything in return, and you’ll be surprised with what starts coming your way.

Take Away’s:
  • The four pillars of life, and how they effect you
  • Why the law of attraction is important but also you must practice the law of rejection
  • The vitality of focusing in on your true gift or ‘area of magic’ and how it will completely overhaul your effectiveness and impact on the world
  • The internal ‘discussion’ necessary to become a strong leader and serve greatly
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Tech Tips:
  •  Use paper journals and read books printed on paper.
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  • Darren Starr says:

    Hi Patti, Kevin is a truly inspiring leader and I’e found he serves a higher end type of client, that is those who have successful businesses already, who want to take it to the next level. People rave about the results they get with Kevin, some seem so miracuous, that there must truly be some magic at work. I personally can’t wait to build up my business enough so that I too could work with Kevin.

    Thanks for the great podcast.


    • pattikeating says:

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it Darren! And you are spot on about Kevin. He’s a magician. Keep listening we have more amazing interviews lined up for you! 🙂 Patti

  • Thanks Patti. Great interview and always love hearing how Kevin interacts with those he’s mentoring!

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