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Your Email List Is An Asset

Growing your email list is your number one asset for marketing, however list building can feel overwhelming, so I have broken it down into easy to follow steps! I’ll also give you a few resources to help you with the steps.

A Couple Of Benefits Of A list Building Strategy:

  1. You own your list. Social media platform come and go and change the rules. Having your audiences contact information on your own platform is a smart choice. 
  2. Creating an email list bring you leads, and leads will bring you clients. Staying in contact with people who want to hear from you builds connection.
  3. Stay top of mind with content marketing. People who consume your free content are more likely to buy from you now or in the future. As you grow your list make sure you start in touch with them on a regular basis with high value content. 

How do you get started?

  1. Choose an email service provider for the resource guide below.
  2. Create a simple opt in gift. It can be a 1-page resources guide, a quick video, an ebook or a guide. 
  3. Upload your freebie to your website.
  4. Design an opt in page. You can create one on your site or use one of the recommendations in the free guide.
  5. Share your opt in on social media, at live event, in you email signature, wherever you are in front of your ideal customers.

And you’ll want to get the List Building Quick Start freebie:
It’s packed with value. Your complete resource list is ready for you to get into action and focus on list building. I give you the resources I use to build momentum in my business, this resource list is a must have! Watch the video and download the resource guide to get your list building efforts underway today. 

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