Have you ever wondered what how successful people gain access to resources and support so quickly? They know that everything they need is available to them through a strong peer network. They create deep and lasting connections with other people who care about their work. One way to do this is to be part of a mastermind group.These groups can be a powerful resource for your business. Let’s look at why a mastermind can be the missing ingredient in your business success.

What is a Mastermind?

Napoleon HIll shared the concept 75 years ago in his book Think and Grow Rich, yet they are family unheard of by most people. The coaching industry and high performance associations have brought attention to the power of a mastermind. The term is often misused to market coaching programs and often associated with undercover plots, as I unfortunately discovered at the border of Canada when I told the customs officer I was there to attend one. 😳

How Does A Mastermind Work?

A SMALL group of 5-10 people meet weekly or several times through the month to take on challenges with each other. They take turns in the “hot seat” stating a challenge and the group supports them with advice, resources, connections or just good old fashioned encouragement!

Why a Mastermind?

We are not meant to grow our businesses alone. There are so many moving parts and we cannot expect ourselves to be great at everything! Joining a mastermind will stream line your growth and give you access to other peoples networks, skills and resources. You will most likely see rapid growth in yourself and your business!

Is A Mastermind Right For You?

If the mastermind is a true mastermind it is selective in choosing members. You will most likely go through an application process. Make sure the masterminds intention is in alignment with your personal and professional goals.

Here are six guidelines to see if a mastermind is right for you:

  • You would like to rid yourself of the isolation growing a business can cause and have a group of trusted advisors, and supportive peers.
  • You work well in collaboration to achieve your goals. You may find having an accountability partner in the group keeps you on task and out of time waiting activities. Or you may enjoy the collaboration of the group support as you move forward to each your goals.
  • You would like to expand your network. Joining a mastermind gives you exponential reach in your network. Not only do you have a close circle of support but each of them have valuable networks to instantly grow your network.

A Mastermind can short cut your learning.

  • Each member of the group has a wealth of knowledge and experience. When you share your challenges the group may have solutions instantly.
  • Collaboration and promotion. When you join a mastermind entrepreneurs group you have the opportunity to cross promote and collaborate wit each other.

Expand Your Mind! It truly is a MASTER mind. You will think bigger, stretch father and break through any barriers that held you back when you join a group of fellow entrepreneurs doing big things in the world.

Why did I Create A Mastermind?

I created my first mastermind in 2006 after joining one. The experience of being a member opened my eyes to the value and I decided to share it with my clients. That single mastermind is still running today, eleven years later and the group has formed strong bonds as they have created their businesses.

This year I am releasing a NEW mastermind for visionary leaders to assemble a group of purpose driven transformational entrepreneurs as they move from solo-prenerneurship into leadership.

What’s Included With A Mastermind?

Masterminds include in person and online meetings. The virtual meetings are streamlined and structured to assure efficient and effective use of time. The in person retreats are designed to create community, expand relationships and get clear on the strategy, skills, tools and progress for the next quarter. Some masterminds include 1-1 coaching with the group facilitator. If you are curious about the Masterminds we facilitate, enrollment is open twice a year. You can learn more at mastermind.pattikeating.com

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