Business owners can be their own worst enemy. The unconscious beliefs you hold about yourself and your business can stop you in your tracks. Take an inventory and see if any of these top 5 apply to you and your business.

1. I Don’t Know What To Do!
onfusion is simply a sign of the need for a plan. Without a clear motive, purpose and action plan, you can spin in overwhelm and end up doing nothing!

The Truth
You do know what to do, you simply need a plan. Invest time each year to choose what you will accomplish. Revisit and refine your plan each quarter. Schedule when you will complete the projects you chose. Once those decisions are made, set aside 20 minutes each week to plan your week in accordance with your quarterly goals.

2. I’m Afraid It Won’t Work!

Fear of failure can paralyze you and keep you from accomplishing your goals.

The Truth
Fear is a sign you are stretching and growing. Use it as fuel to propel you toward your goals. Feel the fear and notice how much is resembles excitement.
Ask yourself, "If this was excitement, what would I do?" Choose to take action when you feel fearful and you will move you toward your goals.

3. No One Wants My Services!
There are over 6 billion people in the world. If you offer valuable services, chances are there are enough people to purchase them from you.

The Truth
You must research and understand exactly what your market wants and why they want it. When you know their pain and their desires, you can speak to them about solutions. What solutions do you provide the people in your target market?

4. My Website Is Not Done, So I Can’t Start!
Websites, Blogs, Social Media, Logos, Marketing Materials… while these are all important components to a healthy marketing plan, they do not determine your business success!

The Truth
A successful business comes from you receiving compensation for your services and products. Get out in your community and TALK to people. Provide value and make offers. Being active in your community will help you refine your services. Engage in conversations and sell what you have NOW, the rest will come.

5. I Don’t Want To Be Rejected!
Being in business means taking a stand about what you do and what you believe. It means exposing your message and boldly standing by it.

The Truth
In order to let people know about your services, you must be willing to stand for something. Not everyone will want what you offer and plenty of people will say "no." Don’t take it personally. It’s not about you. It’s about your prospective customers desire for what you offer. Get used to hearing "no." It means you are filtering through to the yeses!