Money Spot

A little over a decade ago I was in the midst of a divorce, a Mom with four children who decided to move to a new town for a new start on my own, and life seemed challenging to say the least. I was committed to raising my kids with a sense of family, connection, abundance, and integrity. We embraced the foundational things. We ate dinner together every night, we said what we were grateful for and we shared the best thing that happened that day. But, routines and gratitude in place I still knew there was more for me to do to become the person I wanted to model for my children. I was determined that single or not, my kids would have a full and empowering experience growing up. So I got busy discovering my greatest gift in the world. My purpose, my passion, and how I could monetize it.

For so many entrepreneurs, especially those who are purpose-driven and have a message to share with the world, growing a business can be confusing. Even the most articulate, talented, experienced business owners struggle to find that place where their true purpose will be received in the market. Only 20% of coaches ever make more that $20,000 in a year. These are people who have a deep desire to transform lives. Meanwhile, people who need their services continue to search for a seemingly unattainable solution. It’s crazy!

Find Your Money Spot

I needed to get in touch with my own value, to find my money spot, and connect my purpose and passion with those who were seeking my unique brilliance. Your money spot is that intersection where entrepreneurs realize their greatest power and value, and deliver it to a hungry audience, with ease.

I found my money spot within the first-year business, clients lined up to work with me, I spoke from my heart and helped them transform their businesses into fun projects based on their passion, and the money flowed. Then a decade years later I found myself outside my money spot, helping lots of people create success but it became exhausting, clients seemed demanding and I was questioning what became of the passionate purpose-driven girl who moved through life, in spite of obstacles, with ease.

The frustration I felt was telling me I was out of alignment with my purpose. I had neglected to listen to myself. We are constantly communicating with ourselves and making decisions that are in alignment with our truth or out of alignment. I spent several days in nature and reconnected with myself and my money spot, giving up the work that was not my greatest gift and recommitting to the true work I am here to do. Everything shifted and I found myself back on course.

I hear similar stories from my peers who have reached thousands, if not millions of people, then feel that they are off course.

When we are operating outside of our Money Spot in business, things become difficult. We feel fatigued, overwhelmed, and have a nagging sense we aren’t fulfilling our purpose. Our Money Spot does not require effort and pushing. It embodies ease and grace. Our unconscious mind knows when we are there. And your body can feel it.

5 Ways To Find Your Money Spot

1. Identify your core values. Your value system creates your emotional response. When one or more of your core values are being honored, you feel joy and happiness. When one or more of your core values are being dishonored you feel trapped or stuck. Learning to make decisions based on your core values will help you stay in alignment with your true purpose. How do you identify your core values? Here are a few questions to help you discover your core values.
a. What brings you the most joy?
b. What frustrates you about the world?
c. Fill in the blank in these statements:
When I have (______) I feel peace and harmony with myself, and the world around me.
Without (______) I would be totally miserable.
You can access my worksheet with a list of core values here.

2. Be clear about your life purpose. What is the lesson you came here to learn and what is it that you are here to teach? They are one and the same. When I first read about my life purpose it was quite mind-blowing. I knew on an unconscious level but bringing it all into my awareness took me a little while to process. Dan Millman author of the book and movie The Way of The Peaceful Warrior has a great book titled “The Life You Were Born To Live” This book brings your life purpose into perspective.

3. Know your personality style. The way you express your value in the world has a lot to do with your personality style. One of my favorite tools is The Enneagram. It is an ancient system that delineates the nine basic personality types of human nature and their complex interrelationships which offers us a framework for understanding ourselves and each other. You can take a free assessment at The Enneagram Institute website.

4. Look for patterns in your life. What have you naturally been drawn to? What is your greatest strength? It can be difficult to see ourselves because we have self-judgment, and our greatest strengths seem natural to us so we dismiss their value. The exact opposite is true. The thing that comes most naturally to you is in face your greatest asset and the very thing you can monetize at the highest value. Invest some time to understand your strengths. What do people seek your help with? Ask your friends and family what they see.

5. Choose your feelings. Life is about how we feel, learn to seek out feeling good and life gets really easy. Throughout the day check-in. Ask yourself “How am I feeling?” “Is this the way I want to feel?” “What feeling do I want to experience right now?” These questions will help move you out of your habits and into a new awareness. Asking yourself powerful questions is one way to create new habits. It takes about 30 days to create new habits, then those habits create you.

Have fun!

When you relax into who you really are, you give up the need for struggle. Take a little time outdoors to relax and explore the truth of who you are and your money spot will reveal itself to you. Become the observer of yourself throughout the day and you will create your life by design, rather than default.