I was in a session with a client who is ready to expand his consulting business, and he balked at my advice to offer more value for free. When I asked him to give his customers a sneak peek of his services, his reply was, "If I give it away, they won't pay me for it!"

He has fallen into the fear based trap of scarcity. The truth is that when you give people a taste of what they want upfront and then invite them to receive more, you are building a strong relationship based on trust and collaboration.

When I first started my Coaching practice in 2004, I offered a complementary "Vision Coaching" Session. I sent prospects a detailed Prosperity Plan to evaluate all areas of their life. I included a Powerful Language exercise and a Coaching Wheel of Life. These were the core tools of my practice, and I gave them away in my complementary session.

At that time, Coaching was still young, and many people did not know what it was or why they could benefit from having a Coach. Once they got into the session they immediately understood the power of Coaching to accelerate their results. 85% of my Vision Coaching participants purchased packages. They appreciated the value I had already contributed to their growth and were anxious to move forward in our relationship.

How can you add more value to your customers?

1. Be Clear About What You Offer

You have to know what your value is and where your natural talents and gifts lie, before you can provide more value. Answer these questions. "What do my ideal customers want to receive by working with me?" "How is my personality, purpose, and talent unique?" How can I best utilize my personal strengths to provide the benefits my ideal customers want? Then have something to invite people to so they can experience your value.

2. Leverage your Natural Strengths

Use your unique talent to present the benefits they want to receive. If you are inspirational, be inspirational in your offer. If you are detailed oriented, show off your ability to organize. Customers buy you as part of the package so boldly be yourself! They will love it.

3. See Their Vision

Ask prospects to share what they want. Get involved with their vision. Once you know this is a good fit, tell them why you are an ideal match. Paint a picture of what you see for them. Get excited about the potential of working together, of co-creating their results! If they do not inspire you, refer them to someone else.

4. Give More Than You Receive

Add extra value for the pure joy of giving! Always provide more value than agreed upon. Offer resources, tools, referrals and information. Become a resource to your customers and prospective customers. They will rave about you.

5. Be Joyful

Always and only, HAVE FUN! Joy is contagious and clients like to be around positive, joyful people. Remember the more value you provide in the world, the more you will receive.

When everyone opens their heart and gives, our world will transform!

Create wealth for everyone, simply (and powerfully) being you.