Create Connections with Your Prospect Clients - Patti Keating

Here’s how you can resonate with your audience…

I call it the “Master Your Message Technique”

If you are wondering, “Who do I speak to?” 

You’ll start thinking about different demographics and niches.

If you are selling health coaching, you think of people who want to get healthy.

If you are selling meditation training, you think about people who want to mediate.

If you are selling fitness training, you target people who want a trainer.

and so on…

But if you speak to the service you deliver, your message will fall flat.

People don’t buy what you deliver.

They buy YOU.

You must go deeper with your message.

What is YOUR why?

In the example of a health coach ask yourself why YOU are a health coach. What happened in your life that had you want to help people with their health?

What do your clients want to learn from you? (Hint: It has to do with your own personal experience)

Perhaps you went through a time of felling frustrated trying to get your own health where you wanted it. 

Maybe you believe that if the world would value health over medicine the planet would change.

There’s a deeper why in you.

What had you choose THIS line of work? Of all the jobs or businesses you could choose. You chose this one.


That deep feeling is the core of your powerful message.

When you share it. The people who want to learn from you will line up.

Do you see how it works?

The problem we make is that we don’t take the time to go deep before creating a message. And it leaves the audience bored.

Of course, there is much more to messaging and visibility than just this one step…

Once you have created you core message, there are still questions to be answered:

1. How do I reach my target audience?
2. Where do I share my message?
3. How do I overcome my fear of being vulnerable?

If you want answers to these questions and are ready to be shown the exact process with me at you side. I can help you.