I am so incredibly passionate about helping entrepreneurs design life on their own terms. Nothing is better than watching a client make a difference in the world and make more money.

Earlier this month I went to San Diego to prepare for my “UNLEASHED The Live Event” that I am hosting in November. I had the great fortune to have all four of my kids fly down for a few days of fun in the sun. The memories are precious to me. This is the lifestyle I always dreamt of. Traveling, serving, playing and being with my kids.

And it’s exactly what I created.

But it’s not always pretty. I have a bit of an “attitude.” The truth is I am a stubborn girl. “Strong minded” is the term my Mom used. 

The thing is… I don’t like to be told what to do. Or, when to do it. (Or how…)

I’m not too keen on following rules. And I definitely love to find new ways of doing things. Shortcuts. Innovation. These traits are strong in me because I have one hell of a freedom value.

So, how did I leverage these “strengths” of mine?

I made a decision early in my life. And I make that same decision every single day.

What decision?

Well there are 3 actually.

    1. I have value to bring to the world.
    2. I am here to help people.
    3. Take action every day on the first 2 decisions.

And I believe anyone who chooses to face the fear of valuing themselves, serving at a high level and commits to taking action daily, can create a kick ass life, on their own terms. 

That is why I’m so on fire about my business. Every day I have the incredible opportunity to help people find new and innovative ways to leverage their expertise and create value in the market and put money in the bank. 

But unfortunately I see a lot of people sell out. Stuck in indecisiveness, doubt and uncertainty. Their dreams slowly wilt, then fade away and die. That’s why I created UNLEASH The Live Event. It is 3 days of no nonsense, decision making, business building strategy that shows you exactly how to leverage your purpose using online programs and products. Check it out! I would LOVE to see YOU there.

Be Real. Take A Stand. Change Lives.