Episode 107: Entrepreneurs Who Grew 6+ Figure Businesses With Devani Freeman

Devani is known to many as an intuitive business + marketing strategist that helps women to grow their businesses with soul-aligned strategies. She helps women entrepreneurs to confidently fill their offerings with soulmate clients by harnessing the power of magnetic messaging, online visibility, paid ads, lucrative launching, and energy alignment.

She infuses her marketing wisdom, intuition, and energy work to support client results. In addition, Devani runs a boutique social media management & FB ad agency supporting clients with high-level done-for-you services.

Devani started her business because she wanted more financial and time freedom. She started learning about online marketing strategies and how to position herself as an expert, build an email list, use social media, and other tools and strategies and she found herself realizing that she can apply her knowledge and help small, local businesses in their social media and online marketing.

She needed to find the confidence with the prices she wanted to charge. Then she came to a point where she had so many clients that she needed to hire people and raise her prices. She also found it challenging bringing people on board who she could trust to create and manage content and treat clients as if they were their own. She had to get past the mindset that she was worth charging what she was.

Overcoming Challenges:
She learned that there will always be a market that will pay higher fees and that feel better when they pay a premium and get quality service. This boosted her confidence in her work and the level of service she provides.

Devani is passionate about doing launches and has become a ‘Launch Queen.’ She’s building clients’ visibility through the magic of FaceBook ads and helping them build a deeper relationship with their clients through the strategies that she uses.

She sees herself still involved in running her agency, taking on a few select clients, and be able to work with sensitive children.

The best advice she had ever received is that ‘every no you get is taking you closer to every yes’.

Personal Growth:
As for her personal growth, she is no longer the person that struggled with confidence and she learned how to manage her team and her clients.

Tools, Podcasts & Books:


Looking Back:
Looking back, Devani would tell her younger self to not be afraid to shine bright.

Interview Links:
Get free content and find out more about Devani Freeman by going to https://devanifreeman.com/


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