Episode 107: Entrepreneurs Who Grew 6+ Figure Businesses With Julie Foucht

Julie Foucht is a Feminine Marketing Coach, Speaker, and the author of Love-Based Feminine Marketing: The Art of Growing a 6-Figure Business Without Hustle, Grind, or Force.

When Julie decided she needed to take her coaching business seriously, she hired a high-end coach and learned to ‘market like a man.’ She doubled, then tripled her income in less than a year, but felt drained, uninspired, and restless.

Urged by Spirit, she embraced her essential ‘Womaness’ and birthed a new way, The Art of Feminine Marketing.

Today, Julie teaches female coaches, teachers, and healers who are frustrated with traditional marketing, how to build 6-figure businesses that honor their feminine essence.

Julie received her coach certification in 2006 from The Coaches Training Institute. She has served on the boards of numerous non-profits and was named Woman of the Year by the Professional Women’s Network of the Monterey Peninsula in 2013.

She is married to the love of her life, has 4 children, 2 stepchildren, 2 furry babies, and 7 spoiled grandchildren.

Know more about Julie Foucht through this link >> https://juliefoucht.com/

Her inspiration for her business started when she got to work with a group of empowered women. She took some personal development courses and got invited to join a company with the goal that is based on personal development and she finally found her purpose.

Before CTI, she did a couple of retreats and realized that she needs more training to reach her business goals. She learned that the way to market coaching was to find people’s pain, make them feel a whole lot worst, to really dig in, and then position yourself as the only answer to their pain.

Overcoming Challenges:
She manages to change her business game plan when her husband’s business got closed, she believes that nothing changes unless something changes. She learned pulling out a tarot card during her coaching session to make her client feel that she is not just a normal business coach, so she can connect with the unseen and guide the session. She thinks that being authentic and call to really do the work is the key to overcome challenges and become an empowered woman. She believes that everything will be easier with just being yourself.

She is absolutely passionate about women making money, that when a woman has the money she can support the causes that she believes in, gets a seat at the table of decision making, and will open her eyes to her choices.

She thinks and visualizes that five years from now she sees the world coming back together in a different way. There will be new humans to be born that are more tender and are more connected and that the planet will be abundant rather than scarcity of resources. 

She got her best advice during a CBS retreat, where she was talking about the things she wants to do with her business and thought that she can’t, then there was this woman that told her “but, Julie you must”. Then she realized that she has to bring all of herself into the world and into her business.

Personal Growth:
As for her personal growth, Julie thinks that learning she’s okay and finding people that will accept all of her is such a big thing for her.

Tools, Podcasts & Books:

  • She has a team she put together to help her with her business and make her life easier, she hired a bookkeeper and an accountant.
  • She uses spreadsheets that help her track everything, calendar, automated billing system, and the content management system to have everything in place that she and her team can access.
  • Currently focusing on anti-racist literature, and read a lot about witches, goddesses, and ancient women.


Looking Back:
Looking back, she would tell her younger self to stop looking for outside validation and to trust herself.

Interview Links:
Get free content and find out more about Julie Foucht by going to https://juliefoucht.com/


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