There is so much to do! Make sure the time you invest in your day is getting you the results you want.

1. Schedule time once a week to map out your intentions. Invest 10-20 minutes to align with your highest priorities. I like to do this Sunday evening. Having your priorities outlined BEFORE the week begins will help you focus.

2. Get it in writing! Once you have decided what you will do, get it down on a track-able form. We love checking items off a list so indulge your inner achiever by using a tracking sheet.

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3. Store your tracking sheets in a notebook to measure progress over time. This will also give you a model for future planning. When it is time to schedule a project fill in the weekly priorities and put an estimated  completion date on the top of the form. When its time to launch, your weeks priorities have already been planned.

4. Celebrate your accomplishments. Make sure you are cheering yourself on, by scheduling time to celebrate everything you do! Make it fun and you will want to accomplish more!

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