Demand from his clients was what really drove Jim into entrepreneurship. Preferring the title of Small Business Owner over CEO. Family and fun are his biggest inspirations and he loves adventure.


The biggest obstacles were limiting to single platforms. It was amazingly hard to build their business on somebody else’s business (Facebook). Now he has made things more platform agnostic and now things are much less stressful.


Change and Evolution – The market is ever changing and its how Jim thrives.


Ben Chestnut of MailChimp fame once told him to never worry about anything but the product. Focus on the product. Its so easy to go down the path of spending everything on ads for traffic and visuals.

Entrepreneurs Resource:

Jim lives off of lists, Uses Wunderlist on the iPhone and Computer.

Siri – She is a great person to yell at in the middle of the night when the thoughts are fleeting and she listens to everything for you.

Blogs, Books & Podcasts:

Jim doesn’t read a whole lot of books, but consumes mostly via blogs and email.

Steve Krug’s – Don’t Make Me Think – Was written as something to read on a single flight, its about user testing and user experience. A fascinating read.

Looking Back:

“Shoot for the moon a little bit quicker.” Don’t be afraid to look forward to the future and allow yourself to grow.

Interview Links:

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