Are you tired of trying to get your services in front
of people who will buy them, without results?

The most successful entrepreneurs, the ones making a real difference
for people aren’t following traditional “marketing rules”!

Here’s what most people do, maybe you do it too…

They think they need to create websites, formulas, and funnels before they reach success in their business.
These tools are helpful, but they can suck up a lot of time and money.
Marketing is more than that… it’s your unique message.
Not how it looks… it’s how it feels!

Because what people really want is to connect with you,
to hear your big why, and to feel your story.

What if you shared your story…
your passion?

How quickly could your business take off?

What if you stood out…
because you took a stand for what you are here to share?

What if you shared your unique stand using the PURPOSE-TO-PROFIT Method™️,
and Unleashed Your Message?

And what if…
you created the IMPACT and INCOME you want, doing what you LOVE…
in just 90 DAYS?

You Can Monetize Your Message right now.

I started my business from my home with 4 kids.

Shortly after starting my biz, I got a divorce.

I left the home of my dreams and moved to a city 100 miles north to put my kids in the best school district in the state and start fresh.

It came with a high cost of living, and I had no money.

So I did the logical thing…

(no I didn’t get a job)

I decided to be bold!

I decided to trust myself.

I decided to believe in my business.

It was the best decision of my life.

I put together a talk and started submitting speaking proposals.

I’d never spoken before, but I knew how to coach people to and get results.

I got booked. And in just a few weeks I went from $750 a month to $3000, then $6000 then the magical number I had on my vision board. $10K.

Along the way I had to move through what seemed like an endless amount of personal growth. I didn’t know how to get to $10K a month, but I knew I could figure it out, and I believed in myself and my business. I did it for my kids, and their kids and all the clients I could inspire to do it too.

It was hard. But I made it, and my business kept growing from there.

Because I believed. I focus on getting what I want. I offer awesome programs inspired by my own clients. And I trust.

You can too. 

That’s what this program is about.

It’s about having the confidence to go after and get what you want. 

But it’s so much more than that. It’s about being real and making an impact, it’s about creating a life of meaning and purpose.

Because that’s what you are meant to do.

It’s time to be real. It’s time to take a stand and align with your true purpose. It’s time for you to be seen in all of who you are, boldly and unapologetically.

In this program I teach The PURPOSE-to-PROFIT Method™️.
It blends four key elements together to create a powerful effect on you and your business.

Your Vision & 90 Day Impact & Income Goal

We start with your BIG vision. You have it for a reason… yet what most people do is work from their current circumstances, which makes business growth a slow process, recreating the same outcomes over and over. What they haven’t considered is that working from vision is what creates new results. We connect to, and work from… vision. 

Your Identity

There’s a reason some people create exactly what they want. It’s not talent. Most people think if they find the right strategy or get in front of the right audience, then their business will grow. But what most never realize is that success comes from what they believe about themselves, their identity. Identities are CREATED. Instead of using your energy to re-confirm your current results why not put your time and energy into designing a new way of BEING. When you create a success identity not only will business growth become easier, you will also build an audience of loyal fans.

Your Relevant Message

Almost everyone knows that consistent messaging matters but they think it’s complicated. Messaging that resonates deeply with future clients isn’t manufactured. It’s how willing they are to share what they believe. If your sales are not where you want them, it’s most likely because you aren’t taking a stand. Your message matters. Be real. Take a stand. This element is all about effective communication, whether it be a youtube show, a facebook live, an interview series or speaking in your community or to the world. You choose, then consistently deliver it. When you create a unique message that inspires and influences people new business will flow.

Your Monetization Method

Most people think they need to focus on creating multiple offers when growing their business. This could be 1-1 Coaching, Group courses, Masterminds, Retreats and VIP days. But, what most never realize is that you should create a single Signature Process and sell just one thing, delivered in multiple ways if you want. When you do, you will be seen as an expert and stand out in front of your market. Instead of spending your energy teaching different topics, why not put your time and effort into one branded process that will grow into multiple offers? That’s what the Purpose-To-Profit Experience is all about. 

What Can You Expect From The Purpose-to-Profit Experience?

You will finally create the business of your dreams with:

>> Weekly LIVE Training Sessions with Patti.

>> Clarity About Your Ideal Clients, Where To Find Them, And How To Speak To Them.

>> A Strategy That Gets You Noticed So You Get Clients.

>> Mind Tools To Overcome Limiting Beliefs And Create New Beliefs About Wealth.

>> Access To The Private Facebook Group For Questions, Accountability, And Resources.

>> High-Level Money Making Trainings Delivered Weekly And Customized To Your Business Building Questions.

>> Lifetime Access To The “Unleash Your Message” Program.

Business Coaching EntrepreneursSteve’s Story

“Before mentoring with Patti I was adding a few clients each month to my coaching program. Within 4 weeks I added 40 new members to my online program and $40,000 a MONTH to my bottom line.”

Steve Wiltshire – Lifeline Coaching

LaRue’s Story

“I’m really blown away…I feel power and fire like I haven’t felt in 20 years. I’m engaged, taking action, not putting things off. If you are considering working with Patti, do it! You will be so glad you did. She is a genius.”

LaRue Epler – Your Essential Whisper

Amy’s Story

I LOVED the 90 Day coaching group! So much so, I’m joining again. Patti made me choose an income goal and I decided–what the heck, I’ll just commit to doubling my current income. Well, I made it to 80% of that goal!

Amy Celona, class of Fall 2017

How It Works


The Pre-Work Is In The Group Ready For You.
This will set you up for success in your first 90 days!

LIVE Trainings Every Week 
Tuesdays at 12:00 PST / 3:00 EST
(recorded and in the group forever)

Monthly Trainings the first Wednesday of every month
12:00 PST / 3:00 EST


Monthly Q&A Calls the third Wednesday of every month
12:00 PST / 3:00 EST

Make this your best year yet!

We start with your vision.

Then we create your 90-day strategy.

Each week, I coach you.

Each week I also deliver a training in our private facebook group.

The community and accountability support you in breaking through any limitations to reach your goal.

Your first 90 day training:

>> Creating Your Unique Stand

>> Creating Your Powerful Message

>> Getting The Word Out

>> Connecting With Your Audience

>> Building Your Community

>> Creating Your Irresistible Offer

>> Designing 1-1 Coaching Packages, Group Programs, Masterminds Retreats & VIP Days

>> Creating Power Partners Who Promote You

>> Speaking On Stage

>>  Hosting Local Meetups or Workshops

>> Easy Connection Calls

>> Updates On Social Media Changes

>> The Latest Technology That Works

>> Entrepreneurial Mindset

I also look at what you need and create specific trainings to move you forward. You can attend live or watch it as you implement the trainings.

Expect to generate immediate cash flow.

You will receive my help growing your business.

You receive lifetime access to all the trainings and the monthly Facebook Lives..

This program will give you the PRACTICAL ACTION STEPS and the ACCOUNTABILITY you need to breakthrough to a new level in business.

I’ll be with you every day. For 90 days. Sharing the routines, processes, habits, actions, templates, strategies, systems EVERYTHING I have created to make money doing EXACTLY and only WHAT I LOVE.
AND I will stay with you every month.

Yes! There Are Bonuses 

BONUS 1 – List Building Quick Start

This how-to training will get you set up to start growing your business biggest asset… your list. You’ll be ready to make offers to a warm audience that loves you and wants to buy from you.

BONUS 2 – Hire An Assistant Who Pays For Themselves

This step-by-step training shows you how to hire an efficient VA for less than $6 an hour who helps you make money and literally pays for themself.

BONUS 3 – Presentations That Sell

Most people think speaking is complicated and stressful, but what they don’t realize is that great speaking comes from self-expression. I speak from the heart without notes and convert like crazy, so I teach you the 8 things I do in every talk that has people line up to work with me. 

BONUS 4 – Train your Brain

This program teaches you how to coach yourself. It puts you in control of your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and results. It teaches you how to use your brain to ease fear, and increase courage. You’ll understand how to and process emotions to create more energy so you can motivate yourself to get more done in less time.

About Patti

Business Coaching EntrepreneursHey Gorgeous!

I’m Patti Keating and I believe that you meant to share your unique talent and design the life you love.

I am a business coach and mentor for purpose-driven entrepreneurs and a personal growth catalyst.

I’m on a mission to change the world by empowering entrepreneurs just like you to listen to yourself, make your own rules, share your great talent in the world and live life on your terms, by designing the life and business you know are meant to have. 

My clients lives change quickly, because I see them and I hold the bar high for them as they step into the greatest version of themselves. I have helped thousands of entrepreneurs up level and double, triple, quadruple their income, just as I have, as I choose to be more of who I truly am every single day.

I have grown 19 businesses myself and every one of them was created by aligning with who I was at the time, and what I wanted to bring the world. I have never followed the rules. I don’t believe in compromising my own inner knowing and self-integrity to meet other peoples expectations.

My commitment to my own truth coupled with my tenacious belief that you are meant to live life being entirely and only who you really are has led me to this wildly successful life and to experiences beyond anything I could have imagined. 

This program is a combination of my core beliefs, my spiritual connection, and my ability to apply the gifts that you have received in a practical way that opens up possibility and creates real results, through inspired and massive action.

You know if this program is right for you. Trust yourself.

Because everything you desire is waiting, right here, right now, for you to say yes.

I believe in you, and I honor you for bringing your greatest gifts to the world.

What’s Next?

Once you enroll you will receive immediate access to the Purpose-To-Profit Assessment. After this eye-opening exercise, your business will never look the same.

You will be added to the private “Purpose-To-Profit ” Facebook Group and given immediate access to your training materials.

My intention is that you receive a return on your investment. So I ask you to register only if you are committed to showing up and implementing the work. 

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