What’s “The Online Biz” Club?

A community of purpose driven entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, speakers, authors, and experts who want to grow your business online. You want to know how to do it, step-by-step.You’ll learn how to create your signature system from your expertise, build your online product that sells, and create sales funnels to pull clients to you, rather than you chasing them.

Who Is “The Online Biz” Club For?

The Online Biz Club is a quick start for you if your are just starting out in your business, or you are ready to create leverage and move from 1-1 coaching and service delivery to 1-many. Its the foundation for your business and ideal if you to want to prepare for one of Patti’s advanced coaching programs.These programs are the starting place you need, if you want to take a stand, get highly visible, create your products & programs, unleash your purpose and profit big!

What Topics Do We Cover?



If you’re looking to reach more people, we have video, audio and workbook tutorials that will help you do just that. We even have tutorials that focus on creating your unique brand identity, and building your platform like Finding Your Money Spot, Defining Your Ideal Client, and Finding Your Niche, just to name a few.

     STAND OUT FROM THE CROWDIf you’re ready to get the stand out and start reaching bigger audiences, we have an entire signature system tutorial series that takes you by the hand, step by step: from determining your signature system to packaging and delivery.
     PRESENTATIONS THAT SELLIf you’re ready to create presentations that sell, we have an no nonsense tutorial series that walks you through the steps to create your presentation and turn it into a webinar. We even show you how to fill them with qualified prospects and turn those prospects into clients.
     FACEBOOK ADSWe have some great tactics on how to build your platform; but even beyond that, we have some facebook ad recommendations for on how to get noticed, build engagement, and establish your  credibility and expertise.
     LEVERAGE YOUR EXPERTISEMany people think one-on-one service delivery is the only way to make money. But – there are tons of ways to leverage your expertise! We have a mountains of resources to help you learn about the dozens of other ways you can monetize your business, like creating online programs, group coaching, masterminds, or doing high ticket VIP Days. We even give you the exact templates we use to sell our programs.
      GET PAID TO CREATE PRODUCTS We’ve got all the product creation tools waiting for you in The Academy, including the exact campaigns we use to fill our programs and the resources to turn them into products.
     FIND LIKE MINDED ENTREPRENEURSYou become like the 5 people you spend your time with. Successful entrepreneurs know that they need each other. Join a group of business shakers, who are innovative, collaborative and live life on their own terms.
     GET YOUR HEAD IN THE GAMEBeing an entrepreneur takes courage, will power and tenacity! The difference between where you are and where you wan tot be is WHO you are being. In The Academy we have tons of tools to support the personal growth required of successful business builders. Think of it as a spa for your mind.

What’s Included?You get instant access to all the training. Once your program is paid in full you will have lifetime membership. You also get access to the Facebook Group so that you can ask questions and get support, and accountability any time you need it, along the way. You will study each module, ask questions, get answers, take action, assess and continue to grow as you complete each of the programs.



This CD and workbook will help you get crystal clear about your greatest value in the market place and teach you how to speak to your prospects easily and effectively to make money doing what you love. Value: $47.00



Turn your talent and expertise into a signature system so you can can be seen as an authority in your industry. Your signature system will become your online product, workshop, live event, group coaching program, or VIP Day. Sell your program in webinars, at speaking gigs, workshops or sponsored events. Value: $1997



With your Signature System in place its time to create sales funnels and fill them with leads. In this cash generating program, you will learn how to design a presentation that sells and deliver it via fill high energy webinars or live speaking. Automate your sales so you can reach more people. Value: $3997



How to confidently grow into the business owner you strive to become. Find out how to design your life and take control of doubts, old patterns and sabbotagge so you can stand out in the market as an industry leader. Value: $597



Join the ONLINE BIZ CLUB and gain ACCESS TO PATTI & AN EXCLUSIVE GROUP OF ENTREPRENEURS. Ask questions, get answers, and get support along the way, direct from Patti & the unleashed entrepreneurs on the journey with you. Value: $997



Stay current on the latest industry trends and innovations. Each month Patti will bring you a live interview with the hottest marketing experts who will share their success tips and what is working NOW to get results. Value $597



Learn exactly how to create your unique 6 figure signature system. Build the sales funnel to pull new clients to you on auto pilot. Map out a money making marketing plan that creates visibility and authority in the maker place. Learn how to leverage multiple revenue streams designed & structured to sell all in an action packed 3 day LIVE event. Value $497

Total Value over $8700



How Much Is The Online Biz Club?

If you purchase each of these programs on their own you’d invest over $6700.00 but by joining The Online Biz Club, you’ll save over $5,000.00 just on the programs alone! You can get early registration for only $97 this month.You’ll also be part of the Private Facebook group where you can ask Patti questions and get support from other entrepreneurs.Plus we’ll give you a ticket to THE BREAKTHROUGH LIVE EVENT, which will show you how to make multiple 6 figure revenue streams.

PattiKeatingWho Is Patti?

Patti is a freedom loving, live life on your own terms kinda gal. A passionate Mom, speaker, coach and life long entrepreneur who mentors purpose driven entrepreneurs that have a message for the world and are ready to be real, take a stand and change lives.As a single Mom Patti has charted her path through creativity, passion, and resourcefulness combined with a strong drive to excel and a deep desire to teach others how to live the life they truly want to live regardless of their circumstances.Facing life on her own with 4 kids lit a fire under her and she got busy learning everything she could about success and marketing. By the end of the year she had broke through to her own 6 figure business and created her 6 Figure Signature Systems Program.She helped her clients get the same results and now has a multi 6 figure business teaching purpose driven entrepreneurs to do find their money spot, create their signature system, leverage it with webinars, and build sales funnels that pull clients to you, so you don’t have to chase prospects.


circlekt“One “Find Your Money Spot Session” with Patti helped me see how I could create $50,000 from just ONE opportunity this year, and I did!”“Patti Keating is PURE GENIUS when it comes to helping clients firnd their Money Spot! When she shows you how your uniqueness helps you form a stand out band, you\’ll realize you can profit from the very thing you LOVE. And when she shows you exactly HOW to profit from you, you\’ll be smiling all the way to the bank.If you\’re feeling unlcear about your niche, how you can stand out in a crowded marketplace, or if you\’re wondering how you can double your income…. Patti\’s Find Your Money Spot is a MUST!”




“I surpassed my sales goal for the month of OCT!!! I believe the goal I set with the group was $60K and I ended up closing $90K. Can I get a HELL YA!”



What You Get…