Own Your Value And Get Stuff DONE - Patti Keating

I grew up believing in scarcity and lack. I always sensed that there was an abundant lifestyle available to everyone, but I did not know how to access or create it. After years of studying personal growth, I hired a Life Coach and within one year I began to rapidly see the results I desired, and more.

In fact, the changes had such a profound effect on my life that I enrolled in a Coaching Certification Program and pursued my life purpose, helping others remember who they are and focus on what they want.

I plunged head first into my own business, full of passion and purpose. I became skilled at supporting my clients in recognizing the value they have in the market, and monetizing it with online programs. I quickly learned that I needed to continue to grow exponentially myself. I enrolled in seminars and ongoing training programs, and continue to study under cutting edge teachers in online marketing, self awareness and innovation. Many of the exercises and tools in my programs, I learned from these mentors.

You can can design a 6 figure business and help people get results in their life. In fact, the time has never been better to monetize your message, than now.

I notice many people do not take the time to fully understand their value and the ability they have to monetize that value.

Can you relate?

Well, my intention is to inspire you to recognize your power, encourage you to focus on the value you have in the market and understand the potential that you have in this moment to create your information product from your unique skills and experience! While you read this post, I am your coach and I am excited to help you monetize your message.

Step One: Get Your Head In The Game

Your thoughts, feelings, words, and actions are all forms of energy. What you think, feel, say, and do in each moment comes back to you to create your unique reality. Every thought you have creates energy that will either strengthen or weaken you. When you eliminate the thoughts that weaken you, and focus on the thoughts that strengthen you, your world will change. You will create the business you know you can have.

The higher your energy, the more capable you are to transform lower energies. High-energy people have an immediate impact on everything and everyone around them.

You and I have both experienced an energetic shift when someone walks in the room. Do you notice that vivacious and happy people raise your energy? What do you observe about negative, complaining types? They walk in the room and you feel heavy and tired. The same is true inside of you, when you allow high-energy thoughts into your awareness you impact your experience for the better. You raise your energy. When you allow negative thoughts to become your focus, you lose energy. You lower your energy. Become aware of your energy level and the level of your thoughts and increase your ability to create the business you desire.

You have the power to create programs and product to sell. In order to do this it is essential that you learn to control your thoughts about your value.


Stop making it about YOU.

Listen to the problems your market faces. Create solutions for THEM.

Stay our of your head about how you look and what you SHOULD do.

DELIVER exceptional value.

What you learn might surprise you.

Learn to take FAST action. When a problem presents itself, provide the solution.

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Stay tuned for the next step…