kristinthompsonGetting your independent career off the ground (or expanding your existing one) is a challenge that most people listening to this show will face. In today’s episode I bring on Kristin Thompson from Speak – Serve – Grow and Rock Your Talk to share her experience of going from scratch to paid speaker and applauded expert.

Like all entrepreneurs, once Kristin was able to put together her first gig, and get that taste of freedom, the concept of a desk job no longer held it’s appeal. You’ll hear how Kristin put together her first event, sold tickets and made $3,000 / hr for running her first workshop. She shares her personal growth and how speaking will not only give you the autonomy you’re looking for but also turn you into a better person.

Entrepreneurial Take Away’s:
  • Why serving an audience, even at the expense of yourself, is critical to your success
  • How to forget about the “How do I look” factor that plagues most beginning speakers
  • What you can expect in the speaking business, and how to conquer it
Entrepreneurs Resource:
  •  Use ScheduleOnce or TimeTrade for no-hassle appointment setting & time tracking
  • Look at Wistia for video hosting that includes viewer tracking and statistics
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