This virtual pin board is a business owners dream when it comes to getting into the minds of your target market. Everything they want. love and admire is right there for you to see.

I received my invitation to join on Saturday. I began pinning away. I added blog posts, and some of my best tips and tools for business building. By 5 PM I had 50 followers and people were repining my blog posts. That night the opt ins started increasing for my ezine.

Why is this important?

You can get in front of millions of people by sharing what you love!

(I love business)

Here is how to get started using Pinterest right away:

1. Go to and sign up. It may take a day or two to get your invitation. This site has caught on like wildfire.

2. Once you get your invitation go to the find friends tab and follow your facebook friends. If you are not on facebook you need to be so get busy! Link your facebook and twitter accounts to pinterest.

3. Create unique boards. What do you focus on in your business? What are you passionate about. Name the boards with words that tie in to your business.

4. Press the pin button and add your best blog post urls. Then click "find images". The picture on your blog post will appear. Pin it on the appropriate board.

5. Now go investigate what the people you follow are pinning. Comment and repin the things you love. Build relationships and have a presence on the site. ITs fun and a great business building tool!

Follow me at and I will follow you back!