Are you ready to take a quantum leap in your business?

With 1-1 private coaching you will shortcut your learning and rapidly put the 5 essential pieces in place for a multi six to seven figure business.

Patti’s education and expertise in marketing, personal growth and technology, combined with masterful coaching and mentoring will give you the support to create a real and lasting business.

As an established business owner I was too close to my business to really see it as potential clients would.

After going through the eCODE with Patti – she brought to light a few small tweaks that I could make that really explained why I wasn’t able to clearly articulate my offer and my value.

She shined light on the ways my personality type were actually keeping me stuck and provided ideas as to how to leverage my STRENGTHS to align with my goals.

Patti is a class act – she knows business, she knows purpose, and she knows how to make the two work together.

I would highly recommend going through this process – regardless of your stage of business!


How it works


  • We’ll start by doing a 1-1 eCODE session where I will uncover your 4 CODES that make up your stand out brand.
  • Next we will do a 1-1 “deep dive” strategy session where I’ll help you map out a completely customized multiple 6-figure blueprint based on your specific situation. This is a unique strategy just for you with a new way of marketing.
  • We’ll then work together to build each Unleashed Entrepreneur process so by the end of the six months you’ll have a marketing machine installed in your business that will power you to previously unimagined growth.
  • You will meet Patti 3 times a month via Zoom.
  • You will have daily access to Patti via Voxer for updates, quick questions and celebrations. (Weekdays)