Many entrepreneurs are great at coming up with new ideas and creating visions. It's the planning that keeps those dreams from materializing. Why? Because entrepreneurs are creative, they are passionate and talented. However, when it comes to planning and taking action, thoughts of "I'm not ready?" "Will anyone buy it" or "Who am I to be an expert in this area" creep in and cause doubt and uncertainty to rule.

Here's the truth: While you are ruminating over your value, those with less talent and skill are taking action and growing their business.

Making a decision and sticking to it, all the way through is a skill you must develop as a business owner. Remember that decisiveness is the catalyst to results. Design your revenue streams and plan your action steps.

Here are some planning tips to get you started:

Name your vision and write it down. Writing helps create reality. Use it as a tool to provide focus and clarity.

Dump all the pieces of your vision that are floating around in your head out. Use a white board, post-it notes or a mind mapping software program. Get everything out.

Choose the first 2-3 steps to implement. Don't over complicate this step. Just choose. Remember imperfect action gets results.

Give your steps a due date. This gives you a target to work toward.

Break your steps into bite sized action items. Get them on your calendar.

Map out your 12 month schedule. Place it on the office wall in plain view. Place the remaining items on the calendar for you to see.

Each quarter review your progress. Adjust accordingly.

Keep it simple. One step at a time will get you there. Don't over complicate the process.

Find and use an accountability partner. Entrepreneurs feel isolated and alone. Set up structure to help you feel like you are in this with others. Pairing up with other business owners is a great way to create accountability.

Celebrate the milestones! Notice your progress and you will be inspired to keep moving forward.

Before your know it your dream will materialize. I am always in awe when I read my journal post from months earlier. Many times I do not recall writing out my vision, but I have created it and forgotten how big and illusive it seemed when I first dreamed about creating it. You are powerful! Map out those visions and watch them materialize.

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