1. Choose A Specific Amount of Money To Bring In Over The Next 60 Days.
Decide first, then get clear about the offers you will make so you can be very specific with your prospects. Maybe you would like an extra $1,000, $5000 or $10,000. Get crystal clear about how much you want to bring in and by what date. Give yourself
30-60 days.

2. Make A List Of 2-3 Programs, Services, Or Products You Will Offer.

Give people options with different pricing. You can recommend what you feel is the best fit or the best package while making sure there are 2-3 price points to choose from.

3. Get Out And Make Offers.

Once you have your goal in mind, your offers are clear, it’s time to get out and talk to people! Stop waiting for the phone to ring, the email to arrive or a facebook message. There are only two things to do at this point.

1. Get on the phone

2. Ge tout of the house and talk to people live.


4. Understand Your Sales Process
If you are in business, you must understand your sales process. This is where people choke. “I just want to provide my services, I don’t want to SELL”

Business is a value exchange. Get used to it, then get good at it.

Keep making offers until you have reached your goal. It is simply a numbers game. Do not be afraid to ask people if they would like what you provide. Pretend you have a plate of appetizers and you are simply asking your prospects if they would like a snack. And remember, the waitress does not go in the back room and cry when someone says ,”no.” They simply weren’t hungry at that time.