Small budget? Big Message?

How can you get out there in a bigger way? PR!

There are many reasons for you to send a release: perhaps you are introducing a new product or service, reached a milestone in your business, won an award, or doing something unique. Consistency is key to keeping your name in front of your customers’ and prospects’ eyes, so you come to mind when they need your product or service.

Here are 7 ways to increase your visibility and credibility:

1. Articles: Articles don’t have to be long; they do need to be informative. Share your experience and wisdom. Tell a story. Make a list of key points. Then start writing.  Write about how to do something. This gives you instant credibility. Submit your articles online to article banks such as, and share them offline at events and networking opportunities. Be sure to put your contact information in a contact resource box at the end of the article.

2. Newsletters: Write a newsletter. It’s a great way to keep your name in front of your prospects. Share it online and offline. Make sure your newsletter is full of valuable content. Sharing valuable information with your current customers is a great way to get more business. E-zines cost nothing, yet the return potential is high.

3. Public speaking: Speak in front of audiences and you will be seen as an expert. People like to buy from experts. When they see you speak, they’ll remember your expertise and think of you when they need your product or service. Local Chambers of commerce are great places to get started speaking, as well as service clubs that need lunch and learn speakers. Speaking is a quick way to grow your list, establish your expertise and increase your visibility.

4. Free reports: Offer a free report online. Get your prospects email, keep content rich info in front of them and grow your list. You can share them offline at events or put together a postcard campaign and you offer your free report with a follow up complementary session. This will give you opportunities to speak to people and book appointments. You can increase the response of your direct-mail program from the average 1 percent to double-digit percentage returns by including special reports.

5. Radio: With the popularity of Internet radio it is easy to find hosts who need to book interviews. Getting interviewed is free, be prepared with a special gift or report and an easy to say url. Send listeners to your site to collect their gift. This gives you the opportunity to show off your expertise and build a relationship while growing your list.

6. Online forums: There are many online newsgroups and forums for you to participate. Start with a goggle search, then add the word forum to your chosen topic. You will find tons of places to share your expertise. Participating in these is another way to get your name out. Advertising is not try to sell anything until you have established relationships with the forum members. Then be very gentle in your offer, opting for a free session or online chat, over selling your services in the forum. Include your e-mail signature with a link to your site.

 7. Letters to the editor: Follow-up your press release with a letter to an editor. This is free PR. Many times a letter to the editor has a better chance of getting published than the actual press release. You can get your press release published and have editorial comments from the editor if you strike a hot topic. Consistency is key, she they see you enough and trust your opinion, your chances of getting your press release printed increases.

Start simple and grow. Choose one or two ideas here and implement. Action is the key!

(c) 2012 Patti Keating

Patti Keating, is a Speaker, Breakthrough Coach, Trainer, and Entrepreneur.

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