Success Requires Decisiveness Not Evidence.

by Patti Keating

Growing a successful business that creates wealth and impact doesn’t happen from figuring out how, crunching numbers, asking your friends what they think or trying to make sure the time is “right”.

Making a decision to live on purpose and create your dream is the biggest, scariest, decision of your life.


Most people won’t do it. There is a huge amount of self trust required, a tenacious non-negotiable decision to do it no matter what, and a choice to embrace the discomfort of the unknown.

Most people trust their brain waaaay more than their intuition. So they know that they want to succeed, they feel the desire in their heart, and they try to logically make sense of it. They look at their planner, run some numbers, phone a friend… looking somewhere for the answer to a question that they already have.


Your logical brain wants evidence, predictability and certainty. So you can feel safe. In your comfort zone. Where nothing big changes.

Comfort is the payoff for choosing not to trust yourself.

Creating the life of your dreams will never happen in your comfort zone.

It requires you to trust your heart, know the deep desire is the path. Once you choose… the way becomes visible. You can’t see what you aren’t willing to look at.

Success comes from a commitment to grow, to see things in a new way, to let go of the old and make decisions in alignment with the vision you hold for yourself.

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