Women are opening businesses faster than ever before. They tap into their passion, find themselves inspired to start their business and off they go! Being an entrepreneur is risky business. Your success comes down to the decisions YOU make and the ideas YOU create. This can feel overwhelming to creative, freedom loving entrepreneurs. There are so many decisions to make and you are flooded with ideas.

When I mentor business owners, I see their talent, purpose and passion and I help them drill down to one specific offer. Together we identify their unique process and then get busy making offers to their ideal prospects. They get clients and money comes in.

What happens next usually surprises my clients.

They begin to question themselves. That nasty little gremlin voice shouts in their ear asking questions like, "Who are you to have this level of success?" Or the classic one "You are NOT ready"

This is a sign that you are growing and it's time to leap.

Success comes in leaps not steps. And leaps are sustained with a firm understanding of who you want to become. A strong vision for your business and an unwavering commitment to get there.

Invest some time in answering these questions in preparation for the big leaps you will take:

1. Who do I want to become in my lifetime?

2. What impact do I want to have on others?

3. What am I willing to let go of in order to get there?

4. What am I willing to embrace on the way?

One common fear that gets in the way is an unwillingness to invest in your number one asset. YOU!

When growing your purposeful business you must think with a business mind. Look for ways to invest in yourself that will give you a return. Much like the stock market. Research your investments and make wise choices. It takes courage to invest in yourself and take responsibility for the results. The reward you receive is directly proportionate to the risk you encounter. So LEAP, but do so with a business smart mind.

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