You’ve heard the rules of manifestation.

What you focus on you create.
Wanting keeps you wanting, deciding creates the change.
Evidence will show up when you do.
Yet, are you stuck in the same pattern wondering HOW to make the shift?

The answer to “how?” is YES!

You literally get out in front of your desires. You FEEL as if they have already happened and that is where you find the EVIDENCE that leads you to the actions to take.

It’s completely bassackwards from everything we’ve been taught.

And it works. Instantly. And powerfully.

So powerfully in fact that we might question it. Is it really that easy? Maybe that was a coincidence.

Oh ye’ of little faith.

You are a power house.

You simple haven’t decided to own that power and let it unleash into everything you desire.

Let’s change that.

*If you had EXACTLY what you want, what would you have?

*Why would you choose that?

*And (most important of all) how would YOU FEEL?

I ask myself these questions every single day.

Then I get to the business of FEELING!

I feel self expressed, fulfilled, joyful, generous, impactful and free.

When I feel those things you know what happens?

I am magnetic.

People show up. Opportunities appear. And money flows to me.

It is really that simple.

Unlearning the patterns that are operating on autopilot is the real work. Yet even that can happen in an instant if you choose to trust and believe.

What would you believe right now if this was already your pattern? What action would you take? What impact would you make?

You have the ability, right now in this moment, to create whatever you want. In your business. With your body. With your reltaionships. In your bank account.

You simply open up, expand your capacity to receive, allow yourself to be yourself and let that energy run through you.

Sound a little woo woo?

It’s universal law. And you are always using it.

The question is are you using it to create what you want, or to manifest struggle and recreate your unconscious fears?

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