The Entrepreneur CODE Workshop

Discover How To Create Curate An Audience Of Buyers With Social Media That Sells.

*Uncover your unique message.

*Call in your ideal client with ease.

*Show up confidently online.

*Curate your audience of buyers.

*Sell without feeling salesy.

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I’m Patti Keating

Marketing Strategist for purpose driven entrepreneurs.

I specialize in creating high-converting hot offers and curating an audience of buyers for coaches who want to expand their reach and land more dream clients.

I teach my clients to simplify and maximize their profits with simple social media content, and sales strategies that work.

Join the Unleashed
Inner Circle

If you have incredible gifts and you know you are ready to be more visible and reach more people with a stand out brand, this 6 month group coaching program is for you.

A hands on program where organic sales flow in daily without complicated funnels, ads or stressful content creation.

You will become a market leader who has COMPLETE control over your income and your time.