Welcome to the Unleashed Mastermind

In this Mastermind you will receive a high level of support, make your big income goals a reality, unleash your greatest value, and feel the power of a community cheering with you as you grow together.

Welcome to the Unleashed Mastermind

In this Mastermind you will receive a high level of support, make your big income goals a reality, unleash your greatest value, and feel the power of a community cheering with you as you grow together.

This is the mastermind where you will finally create predictable recurring revenue, unleash your message, sell out your programs and continuously grow your audience of buyers.

You will grow into the identity of a highly successful business owner and expand your energy as you reach more and more people.

You will experience true partnership, receive feedback and fine tune your content and your strategy, as you reach all the goals you set.

Are you ready?

Your business will reach new heights faster than ever in this mastermind.


Group coaching sessions 3 times a month to celebrate your progress, resolve your challenges and make commitments for the next steps. We dive into the root of limitations, mindset and beliefs to reframe them and make sure your strategy, content, and next weeks’ actions are on point for the monthly goal  you have set.

Daily support from me in our Voxer or Facebook group. Stay in action with daily accountability. No more fear, confusion, overthinking about what to do and how to do it. I’m with you every day to guide you to your results.

Marketing is the core of your business growth and I’m there daily to give you feedback on your content. I’ve been in marketing for 25 years and know what works, what’s changing and how you can use it to grow now. I’m here to show you EXACTLY what needs to change for you to get the results you want.

In person, 3 day retreats twice each year. We come together to strategize and celebrate in gorgeous locations. Life changing hot seats will help you step into the identity required for your next level. We will master your promotional plan and sales strategy. You will leave refreshed, energized with your action plan in hand. This experience alone is worth the price of enrollment.

BONUS: Access to all my best trainings that I created for my 1:1 clients and highest level mastermind members.

Laurice Duffy went from selling $20 workshops to selling coaching packages bringing in $20,000 a month.

This is the mastermind for purpose driven entrepreneurs growing to multi 6 figures.

Here’s what makes it different from the rest:

  • A Coach who looks at your content and reviews your promotions.
  • Coaching calls that dig deep into what you really need to keep growing.
  • Access to your coach at any time to share a win, move through a challenge, talk through a problem and receive feedback and support.
  • A custom plan that works for you and your life.
  • Monthly programs to expand your knowledge about business and challenges that keep you engaged and focused on business building activities.

    This mastermind is for the ambitious purpose driven coach who

    • Has a vision to create a business that is meaningful, impactful and expresses who you are.
    • Has a proven service and is making money but isn’t consistently growing your revenue and doesn’t know why.
    • Is willing to be seen, take a stand and make things happen but needs support to know what to do and how to grow.
    • Is ready for a mentor that she trusts to guide her, give her feedback and is willing to do things differently.
    • Desires a simple social media audience growth and posting strategy that does not require ads, complicated funnels or a big team to implement.
    • Is ready to simplify and focus on one cash generating strategy without worrying about what other people are doing.

    The Unleashed Mastermind is powered by The Unleashed System™️.

    The Unleashed System™️ is made up of the five business essentials that create sustainable success. The core of the system is The Entrepreneur CODE (Your Unique Code To A Stand Out Brand.)

    1 : CONNECT With The Right Leads And Bring Them Into Your Audience

    • Discover Your Entrepreneur CODE, The 4 Elements That Make Up Your Message.
    • Uncover The Problem You Solve Using Your Unique Genius And Market Your Offers With Ease.
    • Choose A Simple Organic Marketing Strategy To Get Clients On Repeat.

    2: CREATE Your High Value Offer Suite And Start Making Sales

    • Design Your Suite Of Offers.
    • Assess And Determine What Offers To Promote During The 90 Day Sprint.
    • Choose Your Low Ticket / High Ticket / Group Programs / Retreats / Live Events / Masterminds / VIP Days or 1-1.
    • Create Your Promotion Story And Experience.

    3: CURATE Your Audience Of Buyers For An Unlimited Source Of Sales

    • Optimize Your Facebook Or Linked In Profile To Draw In The Right People.
    • Design Your Private Facebook Group To Attract Your Audience Of Buyers.
    • Plan Your Promotion Content For Your Facebook Profile To Engage With Your Followers

    4: CAPTIVATE Your Audience With Social Media Posts And Content That Sells

    • Schedule And Fill Your Trainings Inside Your Private Facebook Group.
    • Create Your Weekly Content And Follow Up Strategy.
    • Create, Schedule And Deliver Your Weekly Trainings That Bring In Clients.

    5: CLOSE With Your Unique Client Attraction System

    • Design Your Facebook Group Events, Interviews And Live Experiences That Let Your Audience Get To Know You And Buy From You.
    • Create Your Engagement Plan With Easy Messenger Conversations And Emails That Convert.
    • Create Your Client Attraction System To Consistently Attract And Enroll New Clients.



    What's included in The Unleashed Mastermind?

    Monthly trainings, weekly sessions for sales, content review, q&a and 1-1- hot seats.

    Who is The Unleashed Mastermind for?

    This program is for entrepreneurs and coaches who want to share their genius in the world, make an impact, enjoy their personal life and create freedom.

    Will this work for me?

    The Unleashed Mastermind is based on proven marketing and business growth strategies and built on the foundation of you. With weekly support and accountability you will have all the tools you need to grow your business. The weekly sessions give you the chance to have your content and copy reviewed, help you master your sales and give you hot seat coaching to help you stay on track and remove the need for additional coaches or programs.

    Does this Mastermind teach me how to use social media?

    Yes! You will learn simple social media strategies that work. We teach you how to be seen online, build your audience of buyers  and connect with people through various networks.

    How much time will Unleashed Mastermind take?

    You can receive as much support as you like, ideally we will get you working on your business and create a foundation of recurring revenue to outsource the operations. This program will help you reduce the demands on your time.

    I’ve been in business for a while. Is The Unleashed Mastermind just for beginners?

    If you have hit a plateau with your income then this is for you, whether you are just starting or ready to expand. If you want to grow and create new levels of success, this is the place for you.

    Is this lifetime access?

    The Unleashed Mastermind is a 12-month program with lifetime training access.

    Are you ready?

    12 Monthly Payments of $2200 or 1 payment of $22000

    Daily access to Patti for questions via our private facebook group and voxer chat

    3 Zoom Calls each month with hot seat coaching and Q&A

    Content Review thread for posts, promos, sales pages, reels, stories and more

    BONUS Access to every program for 12 months

    BONUS Access To 12 Months on The Unleashed Membership


    For a limited time you will get a 90 Minute eCODE Session with Patti
    to uncover your greatest strengths and create your customized strategy.

    Trainings Include:

    Curate An Audience Of buyers

    Captivate Your Audience With SOcial Media That Sells

    AWAREMIND Energetics for A Millionaire Mindset

    Hot Offers For high TIcket Sales

    Energetics To Monetize Your Message

    Unleash Your Speaking

    Showcase: Case Studies For Social Proof

    Ready to unleash and create the business you are meant to have?