Seven Universal Laws To Accelerate Success7 Universal Laws That You Should Understand If You Want To Create Success

My Story

I grew up believing in scarcity and lack. I always sensed that there was an abundant lifestyle available to everyone, but I did not know how to access or create it. After years of studying personal growth, I hired a Life Coach and within one year I began to rapidly see the success I desired, and more. In fact, the changes had such a profound effect on my life that I enrolled in a Coaching Certification Program and pursued my life purpose, helping others remember who they are and focus on what they want. I plunged head first into my own business, full of passion and purpose.

I became skilled at supporting my clients in creating joyful prosperity, by aligning with their life purpose and passion, while applying the seven universal laws I will cover in this report. I assumed, being a coach and owning my own business that I would spend 95% of my time working with clients.

Guess what I discovered!

Because my clients tend to be on the fast track, I quickly learned that I needed to continue to grow exponentially myself. I enrolled in seminars and ongoing training programs, and continue to study under the greatest teachers in the world. Many of the exercises and tools in my programs, I learned from these leading edge teachers.

Your Story

With the impact of technology and the acceleration of change in our world, many people are so busy with the details of life they neglect to take the time to explore who they are, and what they want. It does not occur to them that they can design a life of prosperity while living in alignment with their values and purpose. In fact, there is no more satisfying way to experience and contribute in life than to do so from your soul.

Designing your life around your deepest desires, talents and passion contributes to the growth of your soul. It’s why you are here. In my experience, I notice many people do not take the time to explore their dreams and visions. When I ask people what they want, most people tell me what they don’t want, and downplay what they do want. It’s as if their dreams are an after thought, something to be dealt with after the bills are paid and the laundry is done.

Can you relate?

Well, my job is to inspire you to remember who you are, encourage you to focus on what you want, help you understand the power and potential that you have in this moment and support you in designing an action plan so you can begin today, right now, to create your dreams, laundry done or not!

While you read this blog, I am your coach and I am excited to explore your ideal future.

Let’s make an agreement right now, that you are a person who commits to making decisions based on what you want. You commit to honoring your passion and purpose, to living your dreams. It’s okay if you are not there yet; setting the intention is the first step in growth.

I have included a worksheet for you to complete as you read through this blog.  Print the worksheet and have it available as you read. After you read about each Law, make a note of any thoughts or ideas that come up for you. You can also comment below, we love to hear what you are learning and support you in your growth!

Are you ready? Alright then, let’s get started.

Everything is Energy

Before we dive into the 7 Laws, let’s first make sure you understand the power that you have within you every moment. Quantum physicists state “Everything is energy”. Scientists have proven this important fact. This means that the things we perceive to be solid, like the chair you are sitting on, or the car you drive— are actually at the quantum level, simply impulses of energy and information. Your thoughts, feelings, words, and actions are all forms of energy. What you think, feel, say, and do in each moment comes back to you to create your unique reality.

The impact of higher energies on lower energies can be measured. Higher vibrations consume and transform lower ones. They have a more powerful vibration than the lower energies. Every thought you have creates energy that will either strengthen or weaken you. When you eliminate the thoughts that weaken you, and focus on the thoughts that strengthen you, your world will change. The higher your energy, the more capable you are to transform lower energies.

High-energy people have an immediate impact on everything and everyone around them. You and I have both experienced an energetic shift when someone walks in the room. Do you notice that vivacious and happy people raise your energy? What do you observe about negative, complaining types? You know them. They are energy drainers. They walk in the room and you feel heavy and tired.

The same is true inside of you, when you allow high-energy thoughts into your awareness you impact your experience for the better. You raise your vibration. When you allow negative thoughts to become your focus, you lose energy. You lower your vibration. Become aware of your energy level and the level of your thoughts. Raise your vibration and increase your ability to create what you desire.

Because your thoughts, feelings, words, and actions create the world around you, within you exists the power to live a life of peace, harmony, and abundance. In order to do this it is essential that you learn to control your thoughts and emotions. Our universe is a very orderly system. It is operating within a specific and defined set of rules or Laws. These Laws govern you, as part of this system.

When you learn to observe and work with these Laws you will understand the creative process and become a master at directing your life. This special report will explain seven of the Laws and help you apply their use into your life immediately. Once you work with each law individually you will notice that there is a beautiful dance occurring among them and you will begin to use all seven as one. 

Law One – Accept and Embrace Change

Energy is in a constant state of change. Everything you see, feel, taste, touch, smell, and hear is changing. Change is the only constant. In our rapidly changing world you must learn to accept and embrace change. When you openly accept and embrace change you are applying The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy. This Law states that everything and everyone is only energy.

With free will you can choose to change, to transmute, energy with your thoughts. Your thoughts come from your perspective of situations, people and things. These perspectives are based on your judgments. These judgments are made from where you are standing at the present moment. By learning not to judge, by accepting “What is Now”, your thoughts change and more positive thoughts, based on greater understanding and acceptance, allow higher vibrational frequencies to consume and change previous lower vibrational frequencies of thought, which may have been more negative thoughts. This transmutation comes about by forgiveness of others and seeing them with love.

Law Number Two – Focus on What you Want

Your thoughts, feelings, words, and actions produce energy vibrations, which in turn attract like energy vibrations. Negative energy attracts more negative energy, and positive energy attracts additional positive energy. When you focus on what you want you are applying the law of attraction. The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like. You attract the vibrations of people and situations into your life that resonate with the vibrations you send out. Your underlying thoughts, feelings, beliefs and vision attract people and situations to you to mirror those thoughts, feelings, beliefs and visions. When so-called “negative” people or situations are attracted to you, you must stand in your integrity and investigate, to interrogate your underlying thoughts, feelings, beliefs and visions to see what needs to be healed. This will assist growth and evolvement to occur to ensure you no longer require the mirror of that negativity to be attributed to you. To “positively” develop attraction of comparable desires and needs from other people and situations remind yourself of your good qualities, have clear intent without doubts and, through positive action, wait receptively and expectantly for the manifestations of like attractions to occur.

Have you ever bought a new car and you suddenly see the same car everywhere? This occurs because of your attention or focus. Attraction works for you; and against you depending on your thoughts. Do you focus on positive results, or negative outcomes? The more you think about what you want, the more you will attract it. And, the more you think about what you don’t want, guess what! The more you will attract it.

Let’s try this out. Okay, clear your mind for a minute. Are you ready? Now DON’T think about a chocolate ice cream cone. Are you not thinking about it, how creamy it is? Are you unaware of the delicious flavor of chocolate ice cream? You see, your mind does not care what you give it. Your mind thinks in pictures and it cannot process a negative. It will quickly obey and conjure up whatever you ask it to.

Do you ever attend a family event and hope that something does not happen? You know, “I hope my brother doesn’t act like a jerk for once!”

What do you look for?

Your brother’s attitude!

The moment you sense it, your focus is confirmed. “Oh, there it is! I knew it!”

What if you focused instead on hearing your niece’s heartwarming giggle? Your brother’s complaints will go unnoticed as you fill your heart with the joy of a little girl’s laughter.

You get what you are looking for.

How can you apply this now?

I once heard Eva Gregory, a law of attraction coach teach the “What if up Game”. It works like this, when you ask yourself a question that starts with “what if”, make sure the words that follow are taking you up, instead of down. “What if I don’t make enough money to pay my expenses this month?” would become, “What if I make enough money to pay 2 times my expenses?

What if I make 3 or 6 times my expenses?”

You keep going up to the highest thoughts.

This will help you stay in the higher levels of vibration. When you go the other way, you are playing the “what if down game”, this lowers your vibration.

So let’s get to work right now. What would you choose if Aladdin’s Genie appeared and offered to grant you ALL of your wishes? Do you know? Would you be ready to tell him what you want? Take a moment and answer the questions in your workbook.

Law 3 – We Define our Experience through Relationship

All of life’s experiences are defined by relationships. We form our perception and opinion of specific events by what we have known in the past or expect from the future. We also define ourselves through relationships. We learn and grow by making decisions about ourselves when we relate to others.

The Law of Relativity teaches us that in the bigger picture, everything is related and it all fits together like a great mosaic or great jigsaw puzzle. When presented with a lesson which appears to be a problem, if the meaning you give it is a victim reaction “Why me, others deserve this not me?” then the reaction you choose may retard your spiritual progress.

If, on the other hand, the meaning you choose to respond with is “Well this is a tough assignment, when I complete it I will really have grown spiritually”, then your relative choice, made in consciousness, will quickly advance your soul’s journey towards growth.

Each lesson presented to you is unique for you. It cannot be compared to or judged by anything or anyone else’s position or journey. That judgment or comparison is not relevant to your current situation. If your approach is “What am I to learn from this and how will it help me grow?” then the meaning you give it is not in relation or comparison to anyone else.

If you won the lottery, would you say “no that’s not fair, give it to someone else”. If you suffered a bad accident, would you say “no that’s not fair, it should have happened to someone else”? You get what you need for your healing, growth and evolvement of your soul on its journey. Make your conscious, relative choices from your intuition not your ego and you will grow.

How do you see yourself? Answer the questions in your workbook.

Law Number Four – Every Challenge Carries the Seeds of Opportunity

Without failure it is unlikely you will recognize success. When you ask a successful person how they got where they are, they will share stories of failure and meaningful lessons that guided them to the success they have experienced. We give meaning to life by our definition of the experience.

The Law of Polarity states that in the duality that exists there are two poles, or opposites, of everything. Polarity represents the two extremes of one “thing” which is the same thing.

For example, temperature has polarity evidenced by hot at one extreme and cold at the other extreme. The temperature “thing” is the same “thing” and two poles, or opposites, or extremes – hot and cold, evidence it. Along this same “thing” degrees measure the perception of the attitude of the individual to what is considered hot and what is considered cold. Hot and cold mean different things to different people – so does rich and poor, love and hate, good and bad, etc.

What is important in understanding the Law of Polarity is the ability to understand the power of transformation. By choosing to change your perception and your resulting attitude you can shift your perception of someone or something from, say, “bad” to “good”. This becomes your new reality now.

By seeking a higher frequency vibration of energy in this transformation process the previous lower frequency of vibration of energy gets replaced. “Bad” can become “Good”, as an example. The choice made, the decision implemented automatically involves the Law of Cause and Effect – reaping what you sow – depending on the choice made in your responses.

You can raise your vibrations and positively change others. Make a choice to change your perception and your attitude towards something or someone. Stay focused and detached from the results. Once you have opened the door to this transmutation process then forgiveness, love and compassion become your new companions on your journey through life.

Law Number Four teaches us that every challenging experience carries with it a gift, the seeds of opportunity. Let’s explore your perceptions. Answer the questions in your workbook.

Law Number Five – Trust Your Natural Rhythm

There is a natural rhythm in life. It is expressed in the seasons, in the tide, in the moons cycles, in planting, and harvesting. Everything has its cycle. When we trust our own rhythm we become happier, healthier, and more focused on whom we are. We are able to more fully express who we are.

The Law of Rhythms shows us that rhythms create renewal and depletion in a continual ongoing cycle. For every high there is a low as the pendulum moves from side to side rhythmically. Your unconscious reactions and conscious responses determine how you handle the various stages of the cycle emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

By acknowledging the highs but not depleting your energy in over-enthusiasm, you can handle the lows better when depression drains your energy levels. By emotionally detaching from all results by not over investing energy, or underinvesting energy, you can walk the middle path in gratitude. In this way you can overcome the swings of the pendulum from highs to lows from lows to highs, and so on.

Renewal and depletion are necessary – do not resist them but rather allow them to flow. Have awareness that, as in the Law of Cycles, “This too shall pass”, so benefit from what each stage of the cycle has to offer, as you walk the middle path using your energy efficiently throughout. Inflow balances outflow for maximum performance of energy.

The more you learn to trust your own natural rhythm the more in tune with it you will become. This will help you access your intuition to make decisions that are from your core, thereby fully expressing who you are and creating authentic success.

Answer the questions in your workbook.

Law Number Six – Your Actions Today Create your Reality Tomorrow

Every effect has a cause, and every cause has an effect. Nothing happens by accident. When you succeed there is a specific cause. You’ve heard the sayings, “We reap what we sow”, “What goes around comes around”. There are no accidents.

The success you bring into your life is a result of specific actions that you took. The actions you are taking today are creating your future. The Law of Cause and Effect says every action has a consequence returning to you. For every cause there is an effect. For every effect can be traced back to a cause. If you react to circumstances you may be unconscious in your reactions. If you respond to circumstances you may be conscious and deliberate in your responses.

If you are consciously aware of the choices that you make, in every present moment, you can decide if that choice will bring happiness to you, as well as for those around you affected by your choice. By becoming a conscious maker of choices, you create your results. 

Ultimately, this evolution will be happiness for you and those affected by the cause and effect set into motion, by the conscious choice you made standing in your integrity. To take inspired action we must allow positive thoughts into our awareness.

Where do you find your thoughts through out the day? Begin to notice the conversation you have with yourself. Answer the questions in the workbook.

Law Number Seven – I Create My Future Today

Everything has masculine and feminine components. This is the basis for all creation. The Law of Gender governs creation. Any thing new is actually energy changing form.

A “new” baby is created from the cells of the mother and father changing form and recreating themselves. Masculine and feminine energies are universal. These two energies are united and that union is required to create anything on the physical, mental and spiritual planes of existence.

The masculine energy directs itself to the feminine energy to initiate the creative process. The female energy, having received the male energy, then undertakes the creative work. This is a symbiotic relationship for any form of creation to take place – thought, words, deeds, action, light, heat, power, etc.

To truly create the balancing of the masculine with the feminine, energies must be expended to a point of stability, a point of equal balance. When this balance point is reached, you intuitively know and create appropriate maximum performance solutions.

Honor and respect for the masculine energy and for the feminine energy, is required before a true union can be formed to initiate creativity. Everything has a gestation period.

Belief and faith are important in understanding the Law of Gender. Whatever you desire already exists. It is simply not yet apparent in the form that you would like to see. It may be in a different form but it is there nevertheless.

Everything comes from and is made up of energy. When we balance the masculine and feminine energies, we create from a place of wholeness. To be successful we must have faith in the unseen. We must know that we create our future with our thoughts, beliefs, focus and actions today.

What do you desire?

Answer the workbook questions.

So, we have covered the 7 Laws. I encourage you to notice them in and around you every day. It’s a little like a recipe. You need to have the finest ingredients and the proper tools to create a beautiful birthday cake. Once it is created you sit back and enjoy the sensation of it in its entirety.

Learn to use these tools in crafting a life that stimulates your senses and honors the truth of who you are.

In closing I want to share a story about Marsha, a former client. Marsha was 29 years old, living in a small apartment stuffed full of belongings when she began coaching with me. She had so many possessions they filled a storage unit at her parents house.

Marcia worked part time at a preschool. She loved to teach and saved every book and project idea she had ever received in hopes of one day using them with her own children.

She was barely making ends meet and unhappily working to grow her Direct Sales Business. She had health challenges, which restricted her activity level. I asked her what she would have in her life if she could wave a magic wand and receive anything. She thought for a while and then giggling as if she was lavishly embracing the most unheard of idea she said. “I would have duplex and space. I would be able to garden. My credit cards would be paid off, I would have a great relationship and I would be doing the work that I love, teaching children. I might be able to travel to the beach or maybe even across the country”.

And she added quietly, “I’d play volleyball again”.

I asked her to find a picture of a duplex that she would love to live in. I requested that she to paste her duplex on the front of her credit cards. Every time she used a card, she was to pause and think about what she truly wanted in her life.

Within weeks her spending habits drastically changed.

She began to get rid of possessions she no longer needed.

Marcia worked part time for a wealthy family as the nanny of their triplet girls. She went to her employer and asked to increase her hours. She used her love and expertise of teaching to enrich the girl’s lives. Marcia began to focus on what she wanted. She took action in the direction of her passion.

Marcia called me one day ecstatic. Her nanny family had decided to invest in real estate. They purchased a duplex and asked Marcia if she would consider living in one side in exchange for managing the property and maintaining the yard.

She would be able to pay off her credit cards in 10 months with the reduced rent expense. She’d be able to garden.

Two weeks later Marcia called to tell me that her nanny family had accepted an opportunity to present 6 Seminars around the world. The first was in Italy in 2 months. Marcia was offered the job of traveling nanny.

She is no longer a client, she graduated. She still checks in with me occasionally. She’s dating and taking her time with finding a relationship that meets all of her requirements.

She is healthy, exercising, debt free, traveling, and teaching the triplets. She is one of the happiest people I know. She understands the Laws and used them to accelerate her success, and was willing to embrace them when everything around her told her it was not possible.

So back to our earlier question, what would your life be if the genie actually granted you All of your wishes?

And now a new question, “What if you ARE the genie?”