Amy Ahlers, The Wake-Up Call Coach, is the bestselling author of Big Fat Lies Women Tell Themselves and Reform Your Inner Mean Girl: 7 Steps to Stop Bullying Yourself & Start Loving Yourself. Amy is on is on a mission to stop women and mamas from being so darn hard on themselves.

She’s been a Certified Life Coach for over 16 years and is the co-creator of transformational programs such as Inner Mean Girl Reform School, Find Your Calling & Visionary Ignition Switch. Amy’s been featured on lots of TV and radio shows and leads virtual and in person retreats for women around the world so they cultivate the courage to follow their Inner Wisdom.

Amy is passionate about helping soulful mamas embrace the messiness and magic of motherhood in her truth telling community, Mama Truth Circle, and podcast, Mama Truth show.

You can often find Amy holding hands with the love of her life and husband, Rob, as they chase after their firecracker daughters, Annabella and Evie Rose. She resides in the San Francisco Bay Area with her family and rescue mutt, Batman.


Amy got her inspiration to be a coach because she was coached herself. After running into the same coach a few times at various events, she figured she need coaching herself, and then she became hooked in the business. After working with more and more clients, she eventually figured out that her mission was to create transformation tools and experiences to help women (and moms too) to not be so hard on themselves.


When she first started her business, Amy had to explain, educate and inform people what life coaching and success coaching was first then inspire and convince her followers and clients to take action. Also finding the harmony between being a mom, business owner and entrepreneur is also one of her ongoing obstacles she deals with everyday. She has been overcoming her challenges of marketing and growing her business by placing a strong focus on who she is serving first and foremost.


Amy is so passionate about her “Mama Truth Show” podcast as well as her Mama Truth retreat where she hopes to work with conscious moms and focus on their needs.


She has found that failing is important, but even more so, learning to embrace failure is most important for entrepreneurs. 

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  • Infusionsoft: Small Business CRM, Sales & Marketing Software
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Looking Back:

She sees her Mama Truth brand growing over the next few years, including her podcast, circle groups, programs, events etc. Amy feels that she has gained so much from her journey in her life. She has learned about boundaries and creating and using clear business agreements for all her collaborations and business partnerships. 

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