Andrea Waltz is the co-author of the best-selling book, Go for No! Yes is the Destination, No is How You Get There. Along with her partner Richard Fenton, they teach business owners, salespeople, and entrepreneurs how to overcome fears of failure, rejection, and how to “LOVE” the word No! It’s a bit counter-intuitive and it works. People feel excited to build their business when NO is no longer an obstacle.


She and her husband were mostly inspired by their respective day jobs back in the late nineties. Thye were discouraged from going outside their boxes and wanted to expand and started by writing their first book. Unlocking the Secrets of Retail Magic. They did so well a few years after that they wrote Go for No. Doing this was the biggest way to expand their experience and grow.


Andrea found that the obstacles that she created for herself were just as bad as the things that you cant control. Things outside of your control are the subtle challenges but the challenges that she experiences are the same that everybody is experiencing daily. Ultimately dealing with getting into the market was one of the biggest hurdles. A mass of direct mailing and marketing was the only method to grow her business and that was one of the hardest things she’s ever had to do.

Lessons Learned

Things take longer than we want them to, and we anticipate the oposite. One thing i learned while working with franklin covey, only plan up to 60% of your day, if you fill your whole day you won’t get anything done when the little fires come up that you have to take care of.


Andrea is currently in the process of writing a Paranormal Suspense series for young adults. All of the books that she and her husband are writing are fables with underlying messages and inspirational underpinnings. This is on top of working with Go For No


Andrea wants to continue to grow go for no, She’s sold enough copies now that we ended up in a good conversation with simon and schuster and while they initially told us that we weren’t going big enough. Since then 300,000 copies have been sold, without their help. She wants to see 1 million copies and then finish the series that is currently in progress.


Andrea’s advise came from the gentleman that marketed for Larry Winget. She sat down for a day after winning a charity auction and he lead her to the realization that she could actually dictate how to do things. That she can be clear to her clients and then everything would line up the way they wanted.

Personal Growth

One of the things that Andrea finds most enjoyable is reading as much as possible. Much of her growth comes from within with Go for No.

The Four Agreements – its all about not taking things personally, communicating your needs and wants, and being honest. In studying this it was all translated into Go For No and that has lead to richer quality and integrity from the program.

Gadgets and Gizmos

Andrea loves her rolodex, the physical aspect is her favorite, she can flip through and feel the cards and loves to look at the cards. – forward any email to a certain day or time and a reminder email is sent at a specified date. providing a less to do list system.

Twitter – a great resource to find new and exciting people.

Blogs, Books & Podcasts:
Looking Back:

The main character in their book meets himself 10 years in the future, its something that we love about the book. What Andrea would say is to move quicker on technology. Andrea admits that a fear of execution is probably what held her back the most. Worrying about what was going to stay around and maintain itself.

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