Brian Horn’s life revolves around his work and his family.BrianHorn

In today’s episode you’ll find out how Brian began working with some top clients in his SEO business.  Brian saw more opportunities, and began to shift into the world of PR and Authority Marketing, by building his own press release network. He has discovered some very successful methods for manufacturing authority.

Brian’s expertise in branding and building authority has exploded, and his knowledge on positioning has transferred to his clients, with over eighty of his clients becoming bestselling authors. You won’t believe how he did it.

Take Away’s:
  • Why you should be following demand, and chasing what works
  • How positioning yourself properly is they key to successful branding
  • Three steps you can take to claiming your authority and becoming a trusted voice in your market
  • Why you should be focusing on becoming an educator and an advocate for your audience’s success
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Tech Tips:
  • Internet Marketers and consultants should be micro-specializing in one specific thing that their audience needs.
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