Satyen Raja loves nothing more than to make a difference in people’s lives, and to help them obtain greater wisdom and greater joy.

In today’s episode you’ll discover how Satyen got started as an entrepreneur working in his parents’ restaurant, where he learned the inner-workings of business and entrepreneurship. He also became familiar with the dark, chaotic side of doing business. ¬†Eventually, Satyen’s love of martial arts and philosophy provided him with a huge discovery that led him to open up his own martial arts school, and eventually create his own organization in the Warrior Sage Network.

Satyen believes in cultivating a bright side to doing business, and seeks to eliminate the chaos that is inherent in so many businesses and startups. You simply have to hear the profound and stunning secrets to his success.

Take Away’s:
  • Instead of working in your business, aim to work on your business.
  • How to strike the perfect balance of expression in your business to take it to the next level.
  • What you can do to find your heart’s deepest longing in service.
  • The mystical key to lowering the importance of it all.
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  • Use InfusionSoft software for email marketing and database systems.
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