Charles Gaudet is widely recognized as a leading business coach for entrepreneurs who aren’t willing to settle for mediocre profits – and want to out-think, out-market, and out-earn their competition. He is the driving force behind marketing strategies that have earned as much as 6-figures within just 24 hours! Charles’ website is Predictable Profits

“Out Think, Out Profit, Out Earn!” – Charles Gaudet


“Freud would probably have a field day on me.”

Charles’ father owned his own business and there were times he would come home and he would tell Charles, “Kid, if you ever want to make it for yourself you have to start your own business.” also “Hey Kid, I want you to remember one thing. Employees suck. Don’t ever be an employee.” Charles does say that he does disagree in part as focusing on the idea that everybody works with you, not for you. When Charles started selling artwork to his neighbors it started him on the path due in part to the feeling of satisfaction from getting the approval of his father.


Charles found himself quickly in a vast amount of debt, personal relationships were shot, and he was working nearly every waking hour every day of the week. Lack of sleep and pains all over his body were the signs of over stress and the doctors started to say that the stress was going to kill him.

Charles didn’t really think that it wasn’t out of the norm to be doing what he was.


Charles is highly passionate with his children and spending time with his family. He loves to live life to the fullest. His son and daughter both have their own businesses with cards and stationary.


The best business advise that Charles ever received he says was from about 20 years ago. At the time he wanted to create a new business. He went to meet with his mentor at the time and he said, “Charlie, it doesn’t matter, you’re so focused on the idea. The idea DOESN’T matter, you could sell paper-clips, if you make the best paper-clip to market and show people that you can do it in a unique a more beneficial way you will create a million dollar business in no time.”

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The Predictable Profits Playbook – Charles Gaudet

Looking Back:

Charles says if he had to do it all over again he would focus on working smart. Really focusing in on that whole concept. Marketing and innovation is the only thing that grows a business, everything else is an expense.

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