Episode 107: Entrepreneurs Who Grew 6+ Figure Businesses With Dana Corey

Dana Corey is an international speaker, business strategist, and adviser combining nuts and bolts strategy with a walk-beside-you partnership to amplify high-performance entrepreneurs. Her passion is transforming business owners feeling trapped by the job they’ve created, into CEOs who enjoy the freedom they started their journey for.

Dana’s clients increase their bottom lines so much, even they are astounded. Even better, they do that while taking regular weekends and REAL vacations. Some people think the time off is a side benefit – Dana believes that freedom is the whole point!

When Dana was 27 years old she made a promise to herself to never work for anybody else ever again. She considers Patti Keating as the impetus for her business to come alive when Patti told her that she should be a coach.

She was challenged to convince herself that she can make money on being a coach. She struggled to determine what she can offer and what type of coach should she be. At first, she thought to be a relationship coach considering it has less competition, then she realized that she will be a business coach as it also deals with relationships.

Overcoming Challenges:
She overcomes the challenges that she went through by learning to be open to the fact that she doesn’t know anything and that opportunity will then unfold in the space of not knowing. As for Dana, if she had known everything she could have closed doors or opportunity without even knowing that things exist. She thinks that it is important to be willing to listen to other’s points of view and perspective and give them permission to provide feedback.

Dana has been passionate about how relationships and maintaining it without leaving the house. Being able to grow her network, be able to connect to others protecting herself from the harm that the current pandemic might bring. She utilizes technology very well to reach out to people all over the world.

Dana just turned 60 and her vision is to be able to continue have run her business with her clients and be able to have the life that she worked so hard to have. For Dana, her freedom is above anything else, and that she doesn’t need a billion-dollar business, just be able to get what’s enough for her.

Her best advice would be “everything you try, try it for at least 3 months before you make a decision” she believes that there’s no way to evaluate whether something is working or not until it has been done for 3 months.

Personal Growth:
As for her personal growth, she believes that being able to grow the business itself is already the personal growth journey. She believes that business growth is a reflection of how much one can be willing to grow his or herself. She learned to let go of old stories and keep showing the best version of herself to be the best coach that she could be.

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Looking Back:
Looking back she would tell herself to trust the process, to just keep putting one foot in front of the other, and to learn to fully trust one’s self that it’s going to work out; and that just because it’s hard doesn’t mean it’s a failure that it should be a lesson to take on.

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Get free content and find out more about Dana Corey. Visit her website https://www.danacorey.com/.


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