Episode 91: Entrepreneurs Who Grew 6+ Figure Businesses With Darla LeDoux

Darla LeDoux is a business coach, speaker, ‘recovering engineer,’ the Founder of Sourced and Author of two books Shift the Field, and Retreat and Grow Rich. She is co-creating a world in which transformational work is the norm, and where each person’s intuitive magic is valid, valued, and visible. Since 2009, Darla has helped thousands of entrepreneurs around the world discover the power of intimate retreats to transform their clients’ lives and build thriving businesses based on freedom, intuition, and connection.

Darla was working for Procter & Gamble and was nominated by the company to be trained as a diversity coach where she was trained to facilitate courageous conversations between subordinates and bosses and did intense work around owning your biases and speaking your truth. She realized  that you can tell when people are telling the truth and often in the workplace, people were out of alignment. She knew that if people learned to speak their truth, everyone would get more accomplished and feel freer and happier. She knew then in her 20s that this was her calling. This was her first big inspiration. Then, in 2008 she was in the middle of a divorce and her stepdad was diagnosed with cancer in the same week. She dreamed of being a coach while being an engineer, and at this point, she knew she failed at her marriage and didn’t die, so she could fail at business and not die. That’s when she decided to go for it.

Darla’s first business challenge was working through her thoughts on money and receiving. She had done a lot of transformational work on herself, so when she got stuck, she was grateful to have that experience to work through most challenges. She already knew our thoughts create our feelings and our feelings create our world, but she spent a long time working at how to ask for money in exchange for her work, her work that she decided was valuable. She was conditioned by the corporate world and having a boss, so it took some time for the confidence she had in her work as an engineer to transfer over to her new business. Another huge challenge was having success in business, but not having a relationship until Dara come out of the closet as gay.

Overcoming Challenges:
At a retreat, her mentor’s intuition came through and told her “you kind of have the energy os someone who’s gay and doesn’t know it.” That was a big thing to work through, teaching about alignment and holding a huge truth about herself that she didn’t even know. With supportive people around her, she was restored to truth. Her coming out helped her as a coach to bring people through their fears of change. “Truth will never kill us, it will always set us free.” Now, Darla’s work is centered around excellence at delivering deep transformation for people and her intuition is strong to know when people are lying to themselves and she asks better, bolder questions.

Darla’s passion is intuition and alignment. She’s worked through subconscious patterning, patterning around pleasing, projecting, and getting approval. For several years, Darla has focused on developing her connection to source and allowing source to guide her taking advice and support from others through her own discernment. She structures her day to sit with her soul first and queues up conversations with her soul. She loves taking this type of deep inner work that is esoteric and structuring it to help others. She’s created a framework called the source magic, with six archetypes of magic that have to do with how source works through individuals or how they hear their souls.

Darla rolls by her intuition and doesn’t get attached to vision operating from knowing that she’ll evolve as she goes. Right now, her magic quiz helps people know how their intution works and she delivers a program where people can play with their archetype, get feedback and connect with others who have a similar magic. In her childhood environment, where things were denied rather than validated, she shut her gift (her intuition) down. Her program is a playground for people to explore and love their magic.

The best advice Darla received was “invest for where you’re going.” The concept of growing your business by bringing in the right resources for where you are going was mind blowing for Darla.

Personal Growth:
Darla continues to gain awareness about her own truths. A quote she heard resonates for her: “our life expands in proportion to the truth we’re willing to see about ourselves without walking away.” Darla learned that no matter what comes up, if you’re  willing to see it, go there, be with it, and love it – that’s true power.

Tools, Podcasts & Books:

  • Qigong & Meditation

  • Soul Sourced Entrepreneur by Christine Kane

Looking Back:
Darla would tell her younger self to just be with whatever is. Before the goal may have been to not experience pain or negative emotions and now, just bring it on.

Interview Links:
Find out more about Darla LeDoux and take her quiz here: https://sourcedexperience.com/quiz


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