Donna Kozik grew up on a 200-acre dairy farm in northwestern Pennsylvania and now lives near the freeways and beaches of San Diego, where she shows coaches, entrepreneurs and others how to become published authors the “fast and easy way.”

In fact, she has set a personal goal of turning 1000 people into published authors in the next 12 months.

Her system for doing this is live and virtual “Write a Book in a Weekend” events, featuring Donna’s “fill-in-the-pages” book templates plus a weekend of live audio and recorded video messages that motivate and inspire soon-to-authors to complete their books in 2 days.

She is former newspaper editor and senior communications specialist, a two-time award winning book author who has been featured in Woman’s Day and Women’s World magazines, The LA Times and The Baltimore Sun newspapers, NPRs Marketplace news magazine and the NBC Nightly News. She’s also been a paid national media spokesperson for Sprint PCS and has been featured in several other books including ones by Bob Bly and MarketingProfs, along with Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff–and It’s All Small Stuff Stories.


Donna got inspired when she was helping a friend write a book and he told how he was using the book as a big business card and she took that idea to teach others the same thing.


She had many challenges and obstacles along the way, including her motivation to start new projects while still working on existing projects. But more importantly, one of her biggest challenges was the fear to ask for help and support, especially when she needed her projects promoted by others.

Overcoming Challenges:

She overcame he challenges but using some emotional freedom techniques with a profession  so she could approach others and connect with them easier.


She has learned that everyone wants to help other people and that by helping and serving, success is much easier to come by.


Donna is passionate about people sharing their message through easy to attain resources like print on demand and e-readers like Kindle being able to reach their audiences.


Some of the best advice she has received is just honoring yourself and going for it (and not worrying what people think) and also, done is better than perfect.


She enjoys her write a book in a weekend programs, she plans to continue writing more kindle books and she plans to produce workshops and retreats for others to help them focus their writing needs. 

Personal Growth:

Donna believes that she has gained more confidence in herself just from getting out there and doing things.

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Looking Back:

Looking back, Donna would tell herself to get started faster and focus on the big rocks – your programs, building your audience list, building your prospect list and getting out there. 

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