Episode 95: Entrepreneurs Who Grew 6+ Figure Businesses With Eiji Morishita

Eiji “A.G.” Morishita is the Movement Makers Mentor & Founder of Movement Makers whose mission is to empower 1000 leaders over the next 10 years to start a movement that impacts millions of lives.

He serves purpose & mission driven entrepreneurs to grow their business without sacrificing their soul or going broke in the process.

Eiji has been personally involved in the growth in popularity of sushi as a movement in North America to being at the point of ideation of the Hug It Forward movement which led to building over 100 bottle schools in Guatemala to advising dozens of movements on the rise. His clients and the Movement Makers Community have been featured on the NY Times Best Seller List, Today Show, TED, and many more.

Eiji was inspired by watching Tony Robbins do an intervention of a suicidal woman. He witnessed Tony’s coaching and saw the transformation of a woman whose eyes were dead to seeing the light pop back into her eyes. That was magic and Eiji knew he wanted to do that. Before getting into coaching, Eiji starting playing professional poker for a few years, but he let that go because it was a values conflict – for him to win, someone had to lose. Then, he went on to run the family sushi restaurant. His family brought the sushi bar concept to America in 1965 and opened the first fast food sushi restaurant in 1978. Eiji helped position his family company as pioneers and took the business from 15-20K losses per month to tripling revenue from 400K to 1.2 million. After helping the family business flourish, Eiji started coaching.

Eiji’s inner game challenges were “Who am I to do this? Am I good enough” and letting go of self judgment and the fear of being judged. His outer game challenges included needing to hone his skills of speaking, learning how to facilitate and coach, and most importantly how to sell in a way that feels good.

Eiji is passionate about helping every soul who has a gift and a heart to serve to be able to start making consistent income.

Currently Eiji is building a leadership retreat center in Costa Rica and his vision is to invite leaders to come together and mastermind to work on solving world issues in an environment of collaboration, cooperation, and co-creation. Eiji has always had a skill of communication and as a good host skilled in throwing good parties, building the retreat center in an incredible natural environment for entrepreneurs is part of his purpose to make a difference for the planet and humanity.

Eiji learned from one of his mentors, David Nagel, that manifestation is not creating something from nothing, it’s becoming aware that what you seek is already here. What that meant for Eiji, is that solutions are already here, that don’t have to be created. Eiji went to Saddleback Church with Pastor Rick Warren, the author of Purpose Driven Life. Pastor Rick shared advice to “make the decision first and then God will open up doors that don’t exist.” In other words, it’s only in the moment of decision, that doors start opening up. There is no need for HOWs until a decision is made. Before Eiji got stuck trying to figure out the HOWs before making decisions.

Tools, Podcasts & Books:

  • Standing desk – to increase energy and better for the back
  • Voxer – for laser coaching clients and listen at double, triple speed for faster listening
  • Otter – great for transcription
  • Scannable – scanning documents and connect to Evernote
  • Ditch the laptop and use your phone, turn the computer tasks over to your team
  • Atomic Habits by James Clear
  • Radical Acceptance by Tara Brach, Ph.D
  • Joe Rogan Podcast

Looking Back:
Looking back Eiji would tell his younger self: Don’t limit your dreams. Be idealistic instead of realistic. Work on yourself more than anything else so your insecurities shift to security and you become unshakable. Let people see you, as that’s where the magic is.

Interview Links:
Find out more about Eiji Morishita by visiting https://movementmakers.org


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