Episode 107: Entrepreneurs Who Grew 6+ Figure Businesses With Emily Utter

Emily Utter is a business coach for adventurous coaches, healers, and service-based entrepreneurs who want to scale their “location independent” businesses and work from anywhere in the world!

Emily works with coaches, healers, and consultants to get out of the hustle, stop over-giving, and start growing sustainable income that supports a healthy and happy freedom-filled lifestyle.

Her expertise is supporting coaches to scale their businesses to multiple six figures and beyond.

Emily started with her environmental consulting business when she gets constant invite for coffee, lunch, or dinner. Then the idea of getting paid for sharing her knowledge and experience on how to run a business anywhere came to life.

As part of her challenges were shifting her mindset on how to run her business, Emily thought that just showing up on each appointment would immediately make her business grow. Then came her realization that she needs to do the work, she experienced team members quit with zero notice and even got sued out of her business name.

Overcoming Challenges:
She kept moving forward and decided to invest in herself and keep growing personally in order to keep her business growing. She rather is less tactical and be more about who she is becoming and who she is growing into. Emily learned the value of being willing to take personal responsibilities.

Emily is known to be a “sales queen” who loves helping people make a lot of money doing high-end sales, she believes that self- expression and personal power are the reasons why her clients are getting great results and these are the things that she is passionate about.

As part of her vision is to see a multi-day event for self-expression for people to experience themselves in a different way.

The best advice she ever received is to keep going, to never quit before the breakthrough, and to believe that there is a breakthrough after a breakdown.

Personal Growth:
As for her personal growth, she takes huge credit for understanding at a deep level the power of her whole way of being and realizing that however she’s being, whatever attitude she is approaching something with, whatever mindset she has will get translated whether she’s going to speak it or not that the most important thing is that to continue working on her way of being and be able to show up as the woman that she wants to show up as and be received and experience in a way that she’s proud of.

Tools, Podcasts & Books:

  • Habits
  • Behavior 
  • Excercise
  • The Power of Your Subconscious Mind Book by Joseph Murphy
  • Untamed Book by Glennon Doyle
  • Geena Davis
  • Jim Fortin Podcast


Looking Back:
Looking back she could have gone all-in with her self-expression and not feel that she has to be somebody else.

Interview Links:
Get free content and find out more about Emily Utter by going to https://emilyutter.com/


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